4 Mukhi Rudraksha & Its benefits

Chatur-mukhi rudraksha is a symbol of Brahma and Saraswati


Four mukhi represents the energy of Brihaspati, the guru of the Devas. The Brihaspati energy helps the wearer to gain knowledge and wisdom. The guru energy inherent in this rudraksha helps in realizing all the four levels of knowledge – Jagrit or waking state, swapna or dream state, sushupti or deep sleep and turiya or superconscious state of consciousness. Four mukhirudraksha helps to attain knowledge of these four states of consciousness and dispels the darkness of ignorance.
Four mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal is very powerful and has high degree of healing energy. The Java origin four mukhi is also available and has less power than Nepal. So it is recommended to wear four mukhi Nepal origins for the benefits and better results. A bracelet of chatur- mukhi and beautiful Mala of 54+1or 108+1 beads of Chatur mukhi Rudraksha is full of power especially for people those who wants knowledge in their life .

Chatur Mukhi in Scriptures:

"In mythology, four mukhi represents Goddess Saraswati and Lord Brahma; thus the wearer becomes attuned to the energy of creation and knowledge."

"Mlechkhho Vaapi chandalo Yukto Va sarvapaataka Rudraksha Dharayedyastu Sa Rudra Natra sanshaya"

"The men who are Mlechchha, chandaal (impious and inhumane) or he who is full of all kinds of vices get the form of Lord Rudra. There is no suspicion about it."

"Shiva bhaktya shantaya dadyadrudrakshashuttaman, Tasya Punyaphal syantam nacha ha vaktumats the  Dhritrudraksha kanthaya yastvanna sam pryachchhatitri Saptakula mudadhritya Rudraalokam sa gachchhati."

"A Shiv bhakta i.e. devotee of Lord Shiva should be given Rudraksha for peace. The limitlessness of the result of its virtues cannot be described. A man, who gives food to the wearer of Rudraksha, reaches Rudraloka i.e. the kingdom of Lord Rudra after providing salvation to seven orders of his ancestors. If the wearer of the Rudraksha dies, he does not take another birth, he reaches the kingdom of Rudra. If a man, who is wearing Rudraksha around the neck or an arm, dies, he lives in the kingdom of Rudra after providing salvation to 21 orders of his ancestors."

"Just like Vishnu amongst men, Surya amongst all the planets, Ganga among rivers, Kashyap among human, Shiva amongst all Gods, Parvati amongst all Goddesses is Highest and Praised. Similarly Rudraksha is the Highest amongst All. Hence there is no Sloka or fast above Rudraksha."


Chatur mukhi Rudraksha helps the wearer in overall bodily and mental health
It helps to remove intellectual dullness and in obtaining spiritual faith and insight
It is highly beneficial for students, scholars, teachers, writers, journalists and researchers
It is highly recommended for those preparing for competitive examinations
It makes the wearer witty, logical and intelligent
It regulates the functioning of the thyroid gland and improves immunity
It helps in increased concentration, memory and creativity
It is an aid in meditation and spiritual sadhana
Good for respiratory system health
The wearer becomes organised and systematic in his/her thinking, expression including communication and behavior
Therapeutic benefits – alleviates symptoms related to asthma and other respiratory disorders such as bronchitis and hay fever
It removes blockages in the Vishuddhi chakra (throat psychic centre) and helps to awaken this chakra
It helps those with timid, shy or suppressed predisposition and enables them to attain a growing sense of uniqueness, self-worth and creativity
It helps singers and public speakers achieve greater success in their respective fields

Astrologial View:

Rulling Planet : Jupiter
Ruling God : Brihaspati (Guru)


The Chatur-mukhiRudraksha Beeja Mantra should be chanted daily minimum nine times during the
process of wearing in the morning after taking bath and after removing it before going to the bed.


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Rudraksha bead is a divine gift from Lord Shiva to the mankind for helping them to combat their miseries and sorrows. Therefore these divine beads can be worn by any body irrespective of age, sex, caste, creed, culture and location. However it is desirable that certain precautions be taken while using Rudraksha since it is a divine gift and therefore very pious.

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From: Dick A. Kirchner
Subject: Durga Shakti Mala
I Received the Durga Shakti Mala. There is only one word to describe it and that word is above: Perfection.
Mukhi lines are all perfect and visible. Rudraksha Beads are uniform, perfectly round, solid and heavy to the touch. In my life I have searched for the perfect Mala for Japa, meditation, and daily wearing. This is that Mala.
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From : Joe Vitale, Wimberley, USA
Subject :Rudraksha beads are part of my secret to success
If you have seen any photos of me, or seen me on television or in movies, you most likely saw me wearing a string of beads.
Those beads are part of my secret to success.
They not only help me look cool, but they are gems infused with power, and help assist me in attracting what I want.
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