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Thank you so much for your help. This means a lot for us who are residing outside India. Being far from home it is not always easy for us to do these kind of pooja and yagna all by ourselves due to lack of resources and knowledge. You are really bringing home one step closer to us.

Thanks, --Madhu...

Happy Holidays! I wanted to take this opportunity to thanks and appreciate the excellent work done by Neeta and Rudra Centre.
I live in US.  One of my cousin was coming to US from Bangalore and I ordered for few things through Rudra Centre so that he could get them for me.  Last week was my 4th order with Rudra Centre and this time I ordere...

Dear M/s NeetaJi

Thank You very much for the excellent Emerald ring which you have sent to me. The stone is really beautiful. The ring design was liked by both my Wife & my Mother. Thank you very much also for the Gem Books which has details of doing the pooja and the mantra to be recited before wearing the Gem.


I had been reading about Rudrakshas for a long time and always had the desire of procuring them . Finally I purchased the Siddh mala from Rudra Centre . I noticed profound changes in me . The inner anxiety , fear in me that had been there since several years , vanished . My face glowed . People started to take notice of me . I felt detached with this world , still enjoy...

Namaste, Neeta I hope all is well with you. I received my package while in the middle of moving.This move was more stressful than usual. Opening the package was like a breath of fresh air. Once again the Rudraksha with pendalling design was beautiful. My blood pressure has begun respond to the 5 Mukhi Rudraksha. Last Friday I did the Pran Prathis...

Dear Madam,

The items send by Rudracentre are exceptional on two count. First, reasonableness of cost, second, genuineness of material. These two things are itself sufficient to proof any establishment par excellence. I have received two statues of Ganeshji and Hanumanji carved out of single orange colour japanese coral. I am using thes...

Dear Rudraksha Team
I received my siddh mala on the 27th. Thank you very much for such a quick delivery. The mala looks fantastic. After seeing the beautiful piece lot of my friends also want to order from you. I am also recommending your sight to my realtives too.
I think we are going to have a long standing...


How can I begin, well let me first say may all the Gods and Godesses Bless you. Thank you for all your help with the wonderful items you have sent me, I cannot remember how I came across your company on the web, just the other day I was trying to figure out how I came upon it and it has eluded me. But what I must say is the cra...


A month ago my mother had high fever upto 103. I gave her the one mukhi rudraksha (half moon shaped) to hold in her hands for 20 minutes and then keep under pillow. Her fever was gone within 2 hours and she got fresh. This is the examlple of our experience. The other rudrakshas including the 5 mukhi might also be working in the s...

Hello Rudra centre,

Thank you very much. I also wanted to let you know I received the Parsad, photos and gifts from the Bhuvaneshwari puja today and they are so wonderful. Everything is exquisite. I love the Ganga Jal bottle so much. The wealth box is wonderful. I have kept it in my purse. Thank you very much.


Dear Neeta,

My wonderfull package arrived yesterday. I had no access to a computer then, but I do now, and to describe in words what I feel: Thank You So Much!

This is absolutely wonderfull! You are such a gracious soul! I did not almost believe what I saw when you gave me a Sphatic Shree Yantra, Wow You h...

In the year that I have been wearing rudrakshas, I have seen many positive changes in my life. My business with Rudra Center has been excellent, as well. I respect and admire them, and am greatly appreciative of their role in providing these quality items to so many people.

A couple months ago I purchased an Indra mala from Rudra Center...

Dear Ms. Neeta and Rudre Center staffs,
I would like to let you know that my order just arrived. I really love my 20 mukhi java bead. It is very beautiful and well done also thank you very very much for all the wonderful gifts that was sent along with my bead. Rudra Centre is THE BEST!!!!!
Thanks Again Marb


I just wanted to thank you for everything. The little silver puja bell is heavenly. I also have put together a mala from the beads that I've received from you. One mukhi through to twelve. It is very special and I feel the benefits from these beautiful rudraksha. It is hard to express in words. I want to express my deepest appr...

Santhosam & Namaste Neetaji!

I received my Prosperity Bracelet, Mala as ordered along with CDs, Yantra (Sarva Siddhi, a little too big to carry) and free gift Shree Yantra, in beautiful pouch and well packaged; today (within 3 days) as promised. I am very happy with the selection of beads and the dedication that went into putting th...

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