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Ohm Namah Shivaya
Just a week before I bought one sidha mala from Rudra centre. It’s beautiful and great. I feel very good compare to earlier weeks. They told me that mala would effect after 45 days. But I could feel the difference from the day I started wearing.
I had some doubts on the rudraksha and I have searched several websites and read puranas also. All are cleared no...

Dear M/s NeetaJi

Thank You very much for the excellent Emerald ring which you have sent to me. The stone is really beautiful. The ring design was liked by both my Wife & my Mother. Thank you very much also for the Gem Books which has details of doing the pooja and the mantra to be recited before wearing the Gem.



Some of the changes I've noticed: a sense of 'guidance' with the Indra mala; little or no resistance to goals (Ganesha must be at work here!); greater prosperity in all areas; enhanced awareness.

There are so many changes but I have come to accept them now and so it is hard to recall them. Perhaps the one I am mo...

Dear Rudraksha centre team,

I have received my order just this morning. I cannot explain my joy when I received all the goods. All I can feel is the positive energy surrounding the place. Thank you for that. 

Uthaya Kumar

Dear Neeta ji,

Namaste. I want to take this opportunity to thank you very much for all of the absolutely breathtaking articles that was sent. The rudrakshas are exquisite and one can feel Lord Shiva love and compassion through them. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that you had sent such lovely music, the yatra and all the other ex...

Hi, Vivek! I'm not one of the experts, but I am a convinced user since about November. It sounds like (as you state that you feel more peace and optimism) you are already beginning to feel the effects. But, optimum effects take 40-90 days. 

I have noticed a lot of "little miracles." I h...

After wearing rudraksha parad bracelet I immediately experienced financial upswing in my earnings.

Sudhakar Bhat


Dearest Mrs. Neeta and talented staff!!

Namaste and good afternoon to you all. I have received the custom mala package last Friday and was simply overjoyed by the craftsmanship of every single mala.

I am so grateful! I am wearing 8 of those malas right now.... on my wrists and neck....


Dear Ms. Neeta,

  Although I took mantra diksha initiation from a famous Haridasa kirthankar of the Madhwa Vaishnava sect (the late Sant Bhadragiri Keshavadas, who erected the famous 36 ft tall deity of Vitthala Panduranga carved out of a single boulder in Bangalore) ...

First of all I want to thank you so much for all your recommendations!.
I started wearing the Rudraksha bracelet you recommended along with the wisdom pendant. I have only worn them for a week and I notice such great changes. I feel more confident, and my negative thoughts have reduced. Sometimes I dont even understand why I have such thoughts but I know it will all go away. I am always shy ab...

I received my 1 small mukhi from Java last on the 4th of November, 2 days after ordering....
Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to have a rudraksha like this.....

Dear Friends,

I am shocked at how effective the rudraksha seeds that I have received from you have been. The Durga bead is now my new best friend and it is very difficult for me to be separated from it at the moment. I truly feel a difference when it is not with me. Great medicine.

Thank you for providing these wonderful ...


I just wanted to thank you for the free gifts that you included in my delivery package. I also wanted to thank you for wrapping my my order so carefully, you even included mala bags and boxes. Your shipping and delivery service is excellent - very fast and efficient, I was even supplied with a tracking number to monit...


I just wanted to thank you for everything. The little silver puja bell is heavenly. I also have put together a mala from the beads that I've received from you. One mukhi through to twelve. It is very special and I feel the benefits from these beautiful rudraksha. It is hard to express in words. I want to express my deepest appr...

Here's my two cents worth. New rudraksha malas like the 4mm ones I wear have some sweet, gentle energy when they are new; I changed out the rudrakshas on my three 108 malas (each with Jyotish stones) and it took months for them to re-energize as they were before. The more time you spend wearing them and meditating with them, the more energy they carry...

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