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Dear Neetaji,
I'm extremely happy to convey the good news. I'd personally visited you in the month of June,and discussed my brother's problem.On your recommendation I purchased the mala, and gave it to him on 4th July. And as stated in the ancient scriptures it takes 40 days roughly to get affects,after wearing the rudraksha mala for 57 days, m...

Santhosam & Namaste Neetaji,

I would like to extend my appreciation for the beautiful, Mala, that I received on Monday, the 8th, November. The no. 8 is also my birth no. All good things happens for me on this date. The extra gifts that you had sent was a pleasant surprise, shows your kindness and dedication; I feel that GOD had guid...

Dear All,

Good Day.

I first purchased a Akarshaya Siddha Mala from RC. Immediately after that I was given the additional responsibility of photographing all my company’s activity. For short it can be called as I became the official photographer of my company. After that I got ...

I have been wearing Indra Mala for a year now, I would like to share the following: Indra mala should be bought from very reliable source who knows everything about effects of rudraksha (so they dont cheat customers by selling fake beads). You should do your mantra daily,(as suggested by your guru). I have been doing certain kind of meditation the res...

Great Master

I don't know how to express you my joice for my sempiternal financial problem have got a solution with Laxmi kavach in my possession. Let the lord inspirate you more and more in your tedious task to help humankind.

Sincerely yours


"I am the owner of some strands of rudraksha that are shown on this site. I own a strand of twenty seven eleven faced beads, and another strand of twenty seven one faced beads. These I wear during meditation. I have practiced Transcendental Meditation for twenty years and have never experienced the inner silence that I obtained even from the first moment that I med...

I am writing to you to thank you for shipping my parad mala with Asthadhatu locket. I love it dearly and I am enjoying my Japa using my new wonderful Mala.

Much thanks, and peace to you always.

Don Barrett


Dear Rudra Centre,
I would like to express my deep gratitude to you for the beautiful puja dhotis and shawls which arrived today and the gift of a mala that came with it. Surely these will make the offerings of my worship more pleasing to God. Praise to you and the whole country of India for maintaining the sacred traditions started by the Vedic peo...

Hello Neeta, I have my 14mukhi Rudra now and it is wonderful. The Shiva CD you sent is the finest I have heard. I study Brahman, could you recommend a CD for this. As always Namaste & Thank you! 

My first day experience with wearing the Dhyan Yog Rudraksha is in accord with the book.My mind has been ca...


I received order and all is safe and sound. :)

The malas and bracelets are exquisite! The beads that were chosen are absolutely beautiful! I still cannot get over the quality of the craftsmanship and the beauty of these pieces.The malas are strung perfectly so that I may wea...

Hello, Ms. Neeta and Rudra Centre staffs
I would like to let you know that i received my orders. I thank you for the very fast delivery and what a wonderful craftsmenship that was done on my beautiful Siddh mala necklace silver. Also along with so many wonderful gifts that you gave me. Also i would like to tell you that i put...

I just received my package containing the rare black 10 inch narmada shivalinga and the parad bracelet. I had been inspired the night before to arrange the other large shivalingas I have in my temple to represent the four directions of the compass as well as the four varnas and the four elements. My biggest one is a brown narmada shivalinga that is a ...

Namaste ji

Let me first thankyou for your wonderful magical power rudraksha Mangal Dosha Mala which was send to me some weeks back.I requested this Mala because my marriage was deleying for no reason. Now  My marriage is fixed. My parents were in search of girl from good family since 2002.  After wearing the Mala which you have send to me, one p...

My Guru holds parad in higher esteem than rudraksha for sadhana and siddhi purposes, he has had very great experience with those. The parad magnifies subtle energies given off during meditation very quickly.... Many of the western people do not know of it's hidden secrets, at the moment the fashion is behind rudraksha (which are great in their own rig...

It was such a surprise as I\'d imagined it would take up to about 2 weeks to arrive from India and I was completely blown away by the speed with which my order of a labradorite Ganesha arrived. I only placed the order late on Sunday night, and then I got an email telling me that it had been processed on the Monday and then today, literally 48 hours after the email my beautiful Ganesha is delivere...

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