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A temple priest advised me that ladies arent supposed to wear rudraksha mala. Rudraksha is a symbol of Lord Shiva and shouldnt be worn by ladies. Is that true? Could you pls advise and shed some light on this?

Answer posted by a Club Member
Do not let the Brahmin priest whom you saw at the temple, sway you or give you doubts about ladies wearing rudraksha. It was very unnecessary on his part to advice on a subject and ancient science that he is ignorant about and has not studied. In this case, I can only see "Ego"on his part. It is most likely that he is a "ceremonial master" as a priest or pujari and householder himself,not much more.

Does he know about rudraksha? Is he a rudraksha sadhak? Has he done successful penance to Lord Shiva? Does he himself in his home shrine have rudraksha? Has he read the Shiv Purana, Padma Purana,RudrakshaJapalopanishad and Srimad Devi Bhagavatam?

There are no taboos about women wearing rudraksha. All on earth can wear rudraksha. The instinct to wear or worship rudraksha is a sign of blessing by Lord Shiva during preceeding births (this is quoted in one of the ancient scriptures.

Btw, is the priest of any Shaivite lineage? There is no Shiva without Shakti. By the same token, there is no Shakti without Shiva. Hence Shiva and Shakti are "One" and "The Same". They are two sides of the same coin : The Ultimate Supreme God/dess.

This particular priest is seeing Duality in his samsara, hence he differentiates between men and women. All rudraksha beads contain Deva and Devi. There are beads representing Shiva, Parvati, Ganapati, Lakshmi, Durga, Hanuman, Vishnu, Maa Kali, the 10 MahaVidyas, Matrikas, etc. Since the beads also represent Devi or Shakti, this means women can wear rudraksha. Lord Shiva does not discrimminate betweeen men and women, caste, race, religion, color or background. God is available to all who aspire. So is Rudraksha. Hope this helps clear your doubts.

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