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Siddh Parad, Attar, Oils, Water
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  • Parad Mani Ring And Rudraksh Mala

    Namaste! I recieved the great Parad Mani Ring & the gift Rudraksh Mala in tact yesterday evening. I have no words to explain the beauty of this divine tool indeclose
    Parad Mani Ring And Rudraksh Mala Ramesh Chalamalasetti
    Hyderabad, India

    I recently purchased this ring and received it about a week ago, i am not sure if it is the ring or me or whatever it is, i am finding that people are drawn to close
    PARAD MANI RING Derick Nurse
  • After wearing the Parad Gutika all of the nightmares went away

    Hi Everyone, I will tell you a story about my son and his wearing of the Siddh parad gutika. My son had terrible nightmares in which he would wake up and run thclose
    After wearing the Parad Gutika all of the nightmares went away K. E.
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Siddh parad, Attar, Oils, Water


  • Essential Oil: Benefits of Natural Oil and their Uses

    Essential Oils Essential oils are concentrated liquids having the aroma compounds from plants. The term ‘essential’ does not mean ‘important’ in this context. Since it contains the essence of plants’ fragrance, it is called ‘essential’. These oils are usually extracted by the process o Read More...

  • Parad Bead

    Parad Bead (Siddh Gutika). Complete with 8 Samkaras. Ancient Vedas have considered Parad as the most pure and auspicious metal which not only has religious importance but medical importance too. Parad is also very useful in controlling various diseases like High Blood Pressure and Asthma and increas Read More...

  • Parad Shivaling

    Parad Shivaling  is the most unique and wonderful boon gifted to the humans by the gods.  Everything can be had through one's efforts but a Mantra energized, consecrated Parad Shivaling can be obtained only when one's fortune smiles on the person.  Excerpts from Sacred Books: • It is a symbol Read More...

  • Natural Floral Waters

    Natural Floral Waters Nature has given the mankind everything in abundance. Out of all the natural endowments, flowers symbolize the beauty and fragrance of nature. Not only do these beautiful flowers live on their aromatic strengths but offer many other properties such as colors, waters etc. Floral Read More...

  • About Parad

    Mercury (Parad) is a naturally occurring element that is found in air, water and soil. It exists in several forms: elemental or metallic mercury, inorganic mercury compounds, and organic mercury compounds. It is the most propitious metal used in Vedic rituals. It is believed to be the sperm of Lord Read More...

  • Parad Ring

    Parad Mani ring Complete with 8 Samkaras. Parad mani set in pure silver ring. According to Parad Samhita, the wearer of this ring does not need to wear any gemstones as this ring is a substitute for all gemstones and controls all the planets. It has to be worn on the Index finger of right hand for a Read More...

  • Attar / Ittar

    Attar: Uses, Types and Benefits The word 'attar' or ‘ittar’ originates from an Arabic term which means 'scent' or something which gives good smell and aroma. Attar is natural perfume oil and is a derivative of different flora and fauna. Attar are distilled naturally and most often they are t Read More...

  • Alchemical oils of various metals

    1) GOLD OIL - THE SUN : This oil is prepared from the ashes of gold (calcinated gold of 24K) which cannot return to the metallic state. Those ashes are fused into a colorful glass with special alchemical salts elaborated from a phosphoric principle. Those highly fixed salts are then combined natural Read More...

  • What is Parad or Mercury?

    Parad Parad is solidified Mercury, which is a naturally occurring element that is found in air, water and soil. Mercury exists in several forms in nature, as elemental or metallic mercury, as inorganic mercury compounds and organic mercury compounds. Significance of Parad Parad is derived from Mercu Read More...

  • Natural Essential and Chakra Oils, Water and Attar & Their Usage

    Natural Essential Oils: Natural oils aka attar oils, chakra oils or floral water are widely used in aromatherapy, chakra therapy, color therapy and several other traditional therapeutic systems. Because of their health benefits, they are gradually put to extensive research for curing a variety of ai Read More...

  • Hindu Puja Altar

    Set up a Hindu Puja Altar Puja is both the act of worship and the altar or space for the images to be worshipped. A puja is always given a special place in a room and many different sacred items can be kept on the puja and used during worship like Murtis(Statues), Incense, Meditation Oils, Chanting Read More...

  • Jyotirlinga

     Atrishvara Tirtha There was a forest named Kamada. It did not rain there for a hundred years. The leaves dried up and the dwellers of the forest started to suffer. The sage Atri decided that he would meditate to try and bring the rains. Atri´s wife was Anasuya and she thought that she might as we Read More...

  • Parad Shivaling

    Parad Shivaling Introduction Parad Shivaling represents the confluence of the divine and Maya (illusion), congregation of the nature and male, and the union of Lord Shiv & Goddess Parvati. Parad Shivlinga also symbolizes Lord Shiva (Mahamrityunjay - Conqueror of Death). The splendor of Parad which i Read More...

  • Panditji Shree Deenanathji

    Brief about Panditji Shree Deenanathji Born in Aug 1938 in a small village named Nadbai, in the district of Bharatpur (Rajasthan), Pundit Shree Dinanathji was highly inclined to learn the secrets of Ayurveda. To fulfill his keen desire to learn the science of Ayurveda especially the Parad/Mercury, h Read More...

  • Importance of Parad Shivaling

    Parad Shivaling is the most unique and wonderful boon  gifted to the humans by the gods. Everything can be had through one's efforts but a Mantra energised, consecrated Parad Shivaling can be obtained only when one's fortune smiles on the person. It is a symbol of good luck and just looking at it Read More...

About Siddh Parad, Attar, Oils, Water

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