Coral Gemstones


Red Coral or Lal moonga is the hard skeleton of small leafless bushes that are composed of intermeshed spicules of hard calcium carbonate. It looks like an underwater colorful plant but in reality, they are gelatinous marine animals called polyps. Red corals are organic gemstones formed out of skeletons of individual polyps depositing together to make a colony. The remarkable characteristic of precious Red Coral Gemstones is their durable nature and intensely colored red or pink skeleton, which is commonly used in jewelry making. The red coral stone is naturally matte but can be polished to a glassy shine. The color ranges from warm reddish pink, pale pink to deep red. They are also found in other colors like, scarlet, saffron, coral red, pink to vermilion red and white.

As per Hindu Mythology, Red coral Gemstone is believed to nullify malefic effects of Mars or Mangal Graha and to please him. Mars being the god of war and energy is the commander-in-chief of the assembly of the nine planets. His red color is the symbol of blood and perseverance in human life. He is known as "Angarak" and the son of the earth due to his its nearness to the earth. It is considered malefic planet in astrology and gives its natives the ability to put their own desires above those of others. The Gemstone related to Mars is Red Coral or Lal Moonga.

Red Coral Gemstone Benefits:

The benefits of Red coral Gemstone have been known for ages and it has been put to a variety of use since then. The Romans believed that Red Coral Stone benefits children in wounds caused by snakes and scorpions.

Benefits of Red Coral Gemstone are apparently visible if worn by soldiers, police officers, electricians, surgeons, players and workers of ordinance factory. It is useful for enhancing self-confidence, administrative capability and the power of utilizing the rights in social and political spheres. Benefits of wearing Red Coral bring value in deals involving buying and selling of land and properties.

The temperament of corals is considered hot. The Red Coral Gemstone benefits are known to create many virtues in the wearer like, perseverance, courage, and the ability to face and solve troublesome circumstances. It also removes obstacles in the way of their fortunes and increases their influences. It also brings forth the bliss in a married life.

Red coral Gemstone prevents abortion, fever, piles, impotency, typhus, smallpox etc. Children can be saved from diseases like rickets and stomachache, by wearing the red coral beads or malas around their necks. Red coral also cures knee problems, arthritis and rheumatism.

Red Coral Stone Jewelry:

The coloration of Lal Moonga is permanent and the glossiness can be maintained for long, hence they are harvested for decorative use. Red Coral Jewelry has remained in vogue since the ancient Egyptian and prehistoric European times. It remains to be a popular jewelry gemstone in recent times.

Due to its softness and opacity, red coral beads are cut out that are commonly used in modern day jewelry. Red Coral is also used as gemstones in rings and bracelets for both men and women.

Red coral ring is said to reduce effects of Mars and hence it is suggested to be worn by people who are affected by Magal Dosha or even if they want to derive greater benefits out of a benefic Mars. It is suggested that Red Coral rings should be studded in copper before wearing. However, on request, we do make gold and silver rings for people but the stone is capped in copper first to avoid diminishing its effects. Our range of rings includes both Red Coral rings for women and Red Coral rings for men.

For people who do not prefer rings or want greater benefits can wear Red Coral bracelet. Red coral bracelets for men and women are made as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy to give beneficial results to the wearer, pacify malefic effects of Mars, and enhance the positive effects. Red coral silver bracelet also helps people gain stability in career/marital life and have more strength and courage to face challenges.

Identification of Coral Gemstones:

Some Qualities of a good Coral Gemstone:
Deep red color
Regular shape and even surface
Round or oval shape
Free of dents, holes, or perforations
Tests for Identification of a Real Coral Gemstone:
If real Coral Gemstone is placed in glass of cow's milk, the color of the milk will appear pink or take on a red tinge. Imitation coral will not affect the whiteness of milk.
If a coral Gemstone is dropped in blood, blood will thicken around it.
A true coral Gemstone changes color according to the physical well-being of the wearer. It fades before the disorder in physical health, which is noticeable and resumes its original color when physical health is restored.
Coral Gemstone is found in Algeria, Tunisia, Spain, Italy, France, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily and India.
Care & Cleaning
Due to their organic nature, Coral gems are both soft and porous and should only be wiped clean with moist cloth. Special to extra special care should be given depending on dye used. Avoid chemicals, cosmetics and ultrasonic cleaners. Avoid contact with hairspray, cosmetics or perfume.

Cat's eye Gemstone is available in various carats:

Natural, Non Treated and Unheated Moonga Gemstone in 1 Carat to 2 Carat
Natural, Non Treated and Unheated Red Coral Gemstone in 3 Carat to 4 Carat
Natural, Non Treated and Unheated Moonga Gemstone in 5 Carat to 6 Carat
Natural, Non Treated and Unheated Red Coral Gemstone in 7 Carat to 8 Carat
Natural, Non Treated and Unheated Red Coral Gemstone in 9 Carat to 10 Carat
Natural, Non Treated and Unheated Moonga Gemstone in 11 Carat to 12 Carat

Elegant Engagement Rings made with Red Coral Gemstone
Elegant Rings made with Red Coral Gemstone
Beautiful Bracelet made with Red Coral Gemstone

Exquisite Locket or Pendent made with Red Coral Gemstone

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