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Lapis lazuli Ganesha, Lapis lazuli Ganesha statue from India

Products for Ganesha (Lapis Lazuli)

Product Code : LLG18
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 800 gms
Rs  20,000  |  USD   336.25
Product Code : LLG17
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha on a leaf
Rs  8,550  |  USD   143.75
Product Code : LLG15
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 45 gms
Rs  1,125  |  USD   19.00
Product Code : LLG14
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 54 gms
Rs  1,350  |  USD   22.75
Product Code : LLG13
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 60 gms
Rs  1,500  |  USD   25.25
Product Code : LLG02
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 28 gms
Rs  700  |  USD   11.75
Product Code : LLG12
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 339 gms
Rs  8,475  |  USD   142.50
Product Code : LLG11
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha 376 gms
Rs  6,770  |  USD   113.75
Product Code : LLG10
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha 185 gms
Rs  3,330  |  USD   56.00
Product Code : LLG05
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha 652 gms
Rs  11,740  |  USD   197.50
Product Code : LLG04
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 992 gm
Rs  24,800  |  USD   417.00
Product Code : LLG26
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 593 gms
Rs  21,350  |  USD   359.00
Product Code : LLG27
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 568 gms
Rs  20,450  |  USD   343.75
Product Code : LLG30
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 455 gms
Rs  7,750  |  USD   130.25
Product Code : LLG29
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 687 gms
Rs  16,500  |  USD   277.50
Product Code : LLG28
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 364 gms
Rs  12,750  |  USD   214.25
Product Code : LLG24
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 368 gms
Rs  8,850  |  USD   148.75
Product Code : LLG25
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 336 gms
Rs  8,075  |  USD   135.75
Product Code : LLG23
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 510 gms
Rs  12,250  |  USD   206.00
Product Code : LLG22
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 704 gms
Rs  16,900  |  USD   284.25
Product Code : LLG08
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 488 gms
Rs  17,100  |  USD   287.50
Product Code : LLG09
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 71 gms
Rs  1,775  |  USD   30.00
Product Code : LLG03
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 396 gms
Rs  10,700  |  USD   180.00
Product Code : LLG01
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 95 gm
Rs  2,000  |  USD   33.75
Product Code : LLG16
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 36 gms
Rs  900  |  USD   15.25
Product Code : LLG06
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 75 gms
Rs  1,550  |  USD   26.25
Product Code : LLG21
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha - 1.15 kg
Rs  22,900  |  USD   385.00
Product Code : LLG07
Lapis Lazuli Ganesha 436 gms
Rs  7,850  |  USD   132.00

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Deity Idols in gemstones are powerful as they give you powers of the natural gemstone and the Idol combined. Hand made by artisans, these idols in Jade, emerald, Sapphire and Ruby, are most popular. We bring you Narmada Lingams which are naturally formed. Devotees invite auspiciousness in their homes and offices with help of these powerful Idols.

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Dear Sir or Madam, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellent web site and superb professionalism. I have purchased a variety of statues/idols and puja items from your site on several occasions. I am always thrilled when I receive the package. Your items are always nicer than described and of high quality. They are packed very well and despite the distant between our two cou...

Dear Ms. Neeta,

I just got my package today! I am so pleased with your service. Everything was perfect and I can't wait till Monday to do puja and wear my beads. Thank you for the beautiful japa mala that was free with my order, you also gave me sandalwood paste and colored rice to get things started. I will keep Rudra Centre in mind wh...

Dear Ms Neeta,
I just want to say a HUGE thank you for the wonderful service you provide,and for the excellent quality of your items. I have bought several items from you in the past week. I am sooooooooo happy that I found your web-site. As someone who loves the Hindu religion and way of life, your centre is a God sent gift to me...again,Thank Y...

Neeta ji,

Namaste! Thank you for sending my order so promptly. I have received everything in great condition and neatly packaged.  I am very pleased with the items I had purchased through Rudra Center.  I will cherish it for ever!  Thank you again.

Kiran Deb

Namaste Neeta

I ordered some items last Friday and I received them today i.e. on Monday. I am so pleased with the purchase and the lightning speed of your delivery. I am so impressed with the quality and I wondered how lived without them until now.

I hardly have words to express my gratitude for your service that you prov...

To all members of Rudra centre team,

Thank you for all your love and help. The puja items i ordered reached well in time for Diwali. I appreciate all the efforts you people have taken to see that it reached in time. Very well packaged and blessed.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Kind regards,
Dr.Sanjay Rao....

A week back I have received the Narmada Shivalingam pendant (Small) I had ordered. Thank you for sending me the product on time and with efficiency. But I could not stop myself from writing to you for the striking beauty of the product.Frankly speaking, I did not expect the product to be so exquisite which far exceeded my expectation. It even looks and feels much more beautiful than what appears o...

Dear Madam,

I have received items against order no 5273. I can’t resist reiterating that the quality of the various pooja items is very very good and at a very low price. The items are so much reasonable that i feel that i should pickup them immediately otherwise they will disappear from your store. In-fact this has lead to a sen...

Dear Ms. Neeta,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for providing me with the best service and products available. I have been a loyal customer of yours for over two years and wanted to congratulate you for this. Please take this time to thank all of your staff members too for a job well done. Again, thank you for providing m...

Dear Neeta and Team,

Namaste and Happy Holi.

I have received the package today and to be honest I could not wait to reach home from work today to see the Mata Ka Char which I have purchased specially for Shiv Shankar. That was the first thing I looked for when I opened my the packag...


Thank You for getting back to me. Yes, I did indeed receive the package, and just in time for Navaratri Celebrations. I will be performing a Yagna each day during the Navaratri festival, and I deeply appreciate your quick response to my request to have the supplies sent in time for Navaratri, and you made sure that it got to me just in time! The quality of all the products I...

Dear Miss Neeta,

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul for your enormous contributions to the upliftment and healing and happiness of men and women everywhere in the world and all across the globe and for your unceasing and tireless efforts in countless ways t...

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