Green Jade Gemstones

Green jade Gemstones is derived from the silicate minerals nephrite and jadeite, both of them rich in calcium, magnesium, sodium and aluminium. Jade has been revered as an ornamental object throughout history, especially in ancient China, New Zealand and ancient Latin America. In fact, the production of jade ornaments is credited to have started in ancient Korea and China – known to archaeologists and historians as the pottery phase. The Green in the Stones is caused by iron impurities.

Jade is a hard mineral, and thus has been used for tools and knives throughout ancient China. It was used to make pottery in ancient Korea, in Buddhist rituals, as currency for trade exchanges different countries. It was also used as textual material for ancient inscriptions to be written into. It's most famous use, of course, throughout history is in jewellery – rings, stones, pendants etc. To retain or change transparency and preserve their richness, Green Jades Gemstones are sometimes chemically treated so that they can get 'stabilized'.

Properties and healing effects of Green Jades Gemstones:
The Green jade stone, when studded with gold or silver rings or as jewellery, and if kept in contact with the skin, is believed to unblock the Sahashara Chakra. This chakra defines our identity, and is the mode of self-awareness and the expression of an individual's existence. When this Chakra is blocked, problems of depression, continuous headaches, mental fatigue etc. appear. The afflicted person is unable to feel happy with daily life. Green jade Gemstones helps its wearer to be more emotive and grateful to nature, and to the Creator. It removes mental and skin problem, and induces optimism in life.

Numerous places around the world, though jadeite is much rarer. Nephrite is typically found in China, parts of Asia, Latin America and New Zealand.

How to identify and care for your Green jade Gemstone:
Green jade Stones is typically confused with numerous other Gemstones, including derivatives of quartz, garnet and agate. Please consult with a gemologist or stone practitioner for the proper variety of Green Jade Gems to wear.

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