Hanuman Jayanti / Hanumath Jayanti on 22nd April 2016 (Friday)

HanumanLord Hanuman, also known as Anjaneya is an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and His consort Sita and is worshipped for his unflinching devotion to the god. Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated to commemorate His birth. This Vanara god is widely venerated throughout India, especially in the Northern parts. It is celebrated on the 15th day of the Shukla Paksha, during the month of Chaitra. In 2016 Hanuman Jayanti will be celebrated on the 22nd of April.

Hanuman Jayanti is known as Hanumath Jayanthi in Tamil Nadu and is celebrated during Margashirsha Amavasya. In Andhra Pradesh it is celebrated for 41 days beginning on Chaitra Purnima and ending on the tenth day during Krishna Paksha in the month of Vaishakha.

It is believed that Lord Hanuman was born at sunrise and hence temples start their rituals at dawn during Hanuman Jayanthi.

Hanuman Jayanti Puja Time
Purnima Tithi Begins - 08:20 on 21st April
Purnima Tithi Ends - 10:53 on 22nd April

Ritual for worshipping Lord Hanuman

Rama Navami Puja Muhurat - 11:04 to 13:37
Duration - 2 Hours 32 Minutes
Rama Navami Madhyahna Moment - 12:21
Navami Tithi Begins - 21:29 on 14th April
Navami Tithi Ends - 22:03 on 15th April

The Legend of Lord Rama

With Hanuman Jayanti fast approaching on 22nd April 2016, devotees of this powerful deity would be wondering about the right way to worship the lord. As we all know there are specific ways in which each deity is to be worshipped, as only by doing the rituals properly can we gain maximum benefits. Here are some points you should follow in order to please God Hanuman.

Install an Idol, Yantra or image of Lord Hanuman. Wash it and offer orange Sindhoor. While applying Sindoor to lord Hanuman remember to use your ring finger. Offer flowers and leaves of calotropis, which should be five in number or multiples of five. In any Puja, incense stick is very important as it is said to purify the air and induce good and positive vibration in the environment. So while using Incense stick to worship Lord Hanuman make use of Kewda, chameli or Ambar incense stick which should be two in number. Hold it in between your thumb and index finger of right hand and wave it three times in a clockwise direction in a full circle. Worshipper can circumambulate around Lord Hanuman for a minimum of five times, however if one wishes to circumambulate more, do in multiples of five. Hanuman is a Bhakt of Lord Ram. So do incorporate His Puja also in the routine. Hanuman Chalisa is most popular verse to adore Hanuman. Follow it by Aarti and chant:

"Siyavar Ram Chandra ki JaiPavan Putra Hanuman ki Jai"

Lord Hanuman: Symbol for courage and Victory by true surrender

Laal Deha Laalee Lasay, Aru Dhari Laala Langoora |
Bajra Deha Daanawa Dalana, Jai Jai Jai kapi Soora ||

Meaning: Your body is red. Red Vermilion graced over it. You wear a Langot of red color. Your body is as solid as a rock. You are the destroyer of demons. O Valiant! You ever be a victor.

Significance of Lord Hanuman

HanumanLord Hanuman is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Shri Hanuman is the epitome of sincere devotion and dedication, being a great disciple of Lord Rama. Sri Hanuman is a celibate god, who represents strength, divinity, courage and devotion. Hanuman is worshipped by people to attain knowledge, wisdom, strength and valor.

He can perform miracles, which no other God can perform. This is why Lord Rama had to depend on Lord Hanuman to bring the magic herbs to restore the life of His brother Lakshman in his battle against Ravana in the Ramayana. Lord Hanuman could perform the miracle and save the life of Lakshman because of his infinite devotion to Lord Ram which in turn gives him the faith, courage and determination required to perform the impossible.

Worship of Lord Hanuman symbolizes in our individual life "The Pursuit of Excellence".

In India, Lord Hanuman is worshiped for every other reason, may it be to gain wealth, health or wisdom, may it be to gain success in business or foreign trips, may it be to dominate the enemies or to win almost-lost court cases, may it be the reason to get rid of BHOOT-PRET BADHA, the fear of Ghosts and devils. Lord Hanuman in known as the "SANKAT MOCHAN", the one who can save the native from all and any kind hurdles and obstructions of the life.

In Ramayana it is mentioned that Hanuman saved the nine planets during the war from the clutches of King Raavana. And as a favor for saving them, the planets blessed Lord Hanuman by saying that any malefic effects of the 9 planets can be averted by praying to Lord Hanuman alone.

He is a symbol for courage and victory. Thatís why Arjuna requested Anjaneya to be on his flag as it is a symbol of absolute victory. Lord Krishna also told that when Anjaneya flag is fluttering on the chariot of Arjuna and when lord Krishna is driving the chariot, none can beat it. This is a symbolic secret to win. Keep the lord in your heart and keep symbol of Anjaneya (as a picture or talisman) then you will surely win.

The symbol of Anjaneya can also be the tikka or tilaka or sindhoor worn on the forehead or heart which symbolizes the great victorious God Anjaneya or Kapiraju (king of monkeys). Some people wear talisman, taveez for protection and it is very good. It improves the winning chances. If you have a car or vehicle, stick a sticker of Anjaneya and it protects you from accidents and increases the life of vehicle. Anjaneya likes Tuesday and Saturday and those two days devotees worship him. Dasami thithi or the tenth day from full moon day is auspicious to worship Him.

Why success is sure with anjaneya? All the gods have given their powers to Anjaneya and blessed Him that no weapon in the world can harm Him. So he became invincible. Otherwise also he is the Amsa avatar of lord Shiva. Anjaneya is one among the 11 Rudras or manifestations of lord Shiva. He got enormous Vaishnava power by continuous recitation of Shree Ramaís name and by devoting Himself to lord Rama. Thus he got full powers of lord Vishnu and lord Shiva which is unique in the universe. He is worshipped by both Shivites and Vaishnavaites.

Conceptually, Hanuman is the mind. Rama is the soul; it is the surrender of mind to soul, matter to spirit. Hanuman is power personified. The Hanuman in us is fearlessness and doing what comes naturally to us, maintaining a balanced and steady approach and identifying our latent potential.

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