Ketu yantra / Ketu yantra Benefits

About Ketu Planet:

Vedic astrology maintains that Ketu possesses no visible celestial body. Therefore, it is generally referred to as a ‘shadow’ planet. It has a tremendous impact on human lives and also the creation of whole universal. The upside is that Ketu helps a man achieve the zenith of fame.

Ketu Yantra:

Through the worship of the Ketu Yantra one can appease the planet Ketu and ward off the malefic effects of all the other planets. Acknowledgement and worship of this shadow celestial body brings happiness to all and a sense of well-being by bringing prosperity into the lives of those who worship it. It is believed by the mystics and experts that worshipping it delivers the person from the effects of snakebite and illnesses arising out of poisonous substances entering one’s body. It bestows good health, wealth and prosperity.

Benefits of Worshipping Ketu Yantra:

Ketu Yantra is to appease the planet Ketu. When Ketu is malefic, the use of Ketu yantra is very benefic and favorable. Ketu yantra indicates success in business, victory over enemies and all round success.

Yantra Guidelines

Purify your body and environment by sprinkling water mixed with Ganges water and start with a clear and positive mind frame. Light an incense or diya and offer fruits and flowers. Then purify your soul and surrender yourself completely in devotion to God and chant 21 times or 108 times the mantra given below. Now concentrate on the tip of the Yantra and with all sincerity, ask God/Goddess for whatever you wish.

Associations Mantra
Represents: Planet Ketu Om Hreem Ketave Namah
Purpose: for success in love with auspiciousness and fruitful marriage.

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