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The sapphire exceeds my expectations. I want to thank you for your assistance in finding this gem. In the last 4 months I have visited 43 websites and viewed over 2000 stones. This sapphire is a fulfillment of my search. Not only does this gemstone represent the high standards of quality I sought it is by far the most affordable ...


I just wanted to thank you for everything. The little silver puja bell is heavenly. I also have put together a mala from the beads that I've received from you. One mukhi through to twelve. It is very special and I feel the benefits from these beautiful rudraksha. It is hard to express in words. I want to express my deepest appr...

Hi Rudra Centre,

I would like to thank you for delivering the Sri Kurma Shaligram, Narayana Shaligram Mala, Other items like small \\\'simhasan\\\' for the deity, kurmi seeds, 5 mukhi rudraksha beads etc etc. I was overwhelmed with your items. All are extremely divine and the mala looks artistically done.

Thanks for your service and I am very much happy about it.


Dear Neetaji,

Namaste. I wrote you recently that I would be sending payment soon for the Trijuti you had been holding. I am sorry for any delays, but last Friday, my Father passed away. I realize that I emailed you after that, trying to explain what benefits I have been getting form the 19 Muki, but I kind of fell short. I do think it fixed something with my h...

I have just received my order of 1 Mukhi java Rudraksha. It is beautiful and Holy, I am so thankful for this honor and blessing.

Dear Ms Neeta,
Actually i haven't quite finish with the experiences and benefits derived from knowing you and your top quality rudraksh. In order to pay back my appreciation and gratitude, hope you wouldn't mind to let me tell people more.

  The first rudraksh i obtained was a giant size 1 mukhi bead, Nepalese or...


I just wanted to say how delighted I am with my experience shopping on your website. I just purchased a Narmada Lingam with stand, to be sent to the UK.

The Lingam arrived in four days, and is beautiful - exactly as described. I have had big trouble with other websites based in India, and I have to say you stand head and shoulders above all others. Shopping with you was as ...

Dear Ms Neeta

Here's some update on healing with Indonesian Rudraksha.

I was already using a bracelet of 21 (7mm), 5mukhi beads on my right hand. Began to sneeze and nose started running. Head felt heavy, felt very sluggish - onset of flu. It did not get worse nor improved. I had an...

Dear Rudra Centre,
I would like to express my deep gratitude to you for the beautiful puja dhotis and shawls which arrived today and the gift of a mala that came with it. Surely these will make the offerings of my worship more pleasing to God. Praise to you and the whole country of India for maintaining the sacred traditions started by the Vedic peo...

Namaste to all team members specially Ms.Neetaji.

Thank you for doing the Shani Japa/Havan. I have just watched the VCD you have sent. I am amazed with what I saw in the VCD. It was above and beyond my expectations. Hopefully I receive God\'s blessing after doing this havan in my tough sade satti time right now.

Thank you everyone once again for doing this havan on my behalf...

I have been a devotee of Shiva for many years. I as you do not agree that only born hindus can benefit from such things. I believe also that shiva goes out of his way for those that are considered outcasts or those that orthodox religions reject. I truly believe this. I also believe that Shiva is easy to please. I've had many adventures with shiva. On...

Hello everyone!

I have been buying and wearing rudrakshas from many sources for nine years. The japa malas from the Rudra center are the very best we have ever found. I do not, however, have any experience with ordering any but the 5-faced rudrakshas. There are numerous websites which charge $50 to $150 for a set of 108 rudrakshas, and ...

Dear Ms. Neeta,

Namaskar 1000 times ! I dont know how much joyed i am to receive the siddh mala - it is so beautiful. I have a serious spiritual side, and this to me is a gift from mother devi uma herself and parama siva. I have been in a devotional rapture since it arrived .. I was at work when it came , but when i came home, i rushed ...

"I am the owner of some strands of rudraksha that are shown on this site. I own a strand of twenty seven eleven faced beads, and another strand of twenty seven one faced beads. These I wear during meditation. I have practiced Transcendental Meditation for twenty years and have never experienced the inner silence that I obtained even from the first moment that I med...

Ordered Lakshmi Kubera Puja and Havan from Rudra Centre, was provided with all the details very fast and my Puja and rituals was conducted as per the vedic vidhi, feeling blessed, thank you.
Anil Sharma
London, UK...

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