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Natural Basra Pearl in different carats From India

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Rudra Centre has been providing 100% Natural, Non treated, Vedic astrology approved Gemstones since 1997. When strung as per RRST with planetary bhasma, metal and charged with beeja mantras, these precious and semi precious gems only give beneficial results to you irrespective of your birth chart. At Rudra Centre our endeavor is to supply you with effective gems at reasonable prices. All our gemstones are activated through rituals in your name prior to sending. Read More.

Product Code : NBP65
Natural Basra Pearl - 5.18 carats
Rs  204,625  |  USD   3,410.50
Product Code : NBP63
Natural Basra Pearl - 2.67 carats
Rs  47,725  |  USD   795.50
Product Code : NBP61
Natural Basra Pearl - 0.86 carats
Rs  10,325  |  USD   172.25
Product Code : NBP45
Natural Basra Pearl - 2.79 carats
Rs  49,875  |  USD   831.25
Product Code : NBP35
Natural Basra Pearl - 0.83 carats
Rs  9,975  |  USD   166.25
Product Code : NBP34
Natural Basra Pearl - 2.76 carats
Rs  49,350  |  USD   822.50
Product Code : NBP26
Natural Basra Pearl - 1.22 carats
Rs  21,825  |  USD   363.75
Product Code : NBP25
Natural Basra Pearl - 1.27 carats
Rs  22,700  |  USD   378.50
Product Code : NBP23
Natural Basra Pearl - 2.01 carats
Rs  35,950  |  USD   599.25
Product Code : NBP22
Natural Basra Pearl - 2.02 carats
Rs  36,125  |  USD   602.25
Product Code : NBP15
Natural Basra Pearl - 2.11 carats
Rs  37,725  |  USD   628.75
Product Code : NBP13
Natural Basra Pearl - 2.13 carats
Rs  38,075  |  USD   634.50
Product Code : NBP11
Natural Basra Pearl - 1.20 carats
Rs  19,300  |  USD   321.75
Product Code : NBP07
Natural Basra Pearl - 2.17 carats
Rs  38,800  |  USD   646.75
Product Code : NBP06
Natural Basra Pearl - 5.92 carats
Rs  233,850  |  USD   3,897.50
Product Code : NBP05
Natural Basra Pearl - 2.23 carats
Rs  39,875  |  USD   664.50
Product Code : NBP01
Natural Basra Pearl - 2.37 carats
Rs  42,375  |  USD   706.25
Product Code : NBP04
Natural Basra Pearl - 0.78 carats
Rs  9,375  |  USD   156.25
Product Code : NBP12
Natural Basra Pearl - 0.86 carats
Rs  10,325  |  USD   172.25
Product Code : NBP27
Natural Basra Pearl - 2.07 carats
Rs  37,000  |  USD   616.75
Product Code : NBP43
Natural Basra Pearl - 2.36 carats
Rs  42,200  |  USD   703.50
Product Code : NBP42
Natural Basra Pearl - 2.26 carats
Rs  40,400  |  USD   673.50
Product Code : NBP70
Natural Basra Pearl - 2.04 carats
Rs  32,800  |  USD   546.75
Product Code : NBP68
Natural Basra Pearl - 1.19 carats
Rs  19,150  |  USD   319.25
Product Code : NBP62
Natural Basra Pearl - 1.12 carats
Rs  18,025  |  USD   300.50
Product Code : NBP09
Natural Basra Pearl - 1.16 carats
Rs  18,650  |  USD   311.00
Product Code : NBP02
Natural Basra Pearl - 1.09 carats
Rs  17,525  |  USD   292.25
Product Code : NBP03
Natural Basra Pearl - 7.18 carats
Rs  256,525  |  USD   4,275.50
Product Code : NBP08
Natural Basra Pearl - 1.13 carats
Rs  18,175  |  USD   303.00
Product Code : NBP14
Natural Basra Pearl - 2.23 carats
Rs  35,850  |  USD   597.50
Product Code : NBP18
Natural Basra Pearl - 2.92 carats
Rs  76,650  |  USD   1,277.50
Product Code : NBP17
Natural Basra Pearl - 3.45 carats
Rs  90,575  |  USD   1,509.50
Product Code : NBP28
Natural Basra Pearl - 2.09 carats
Rs  33,600  |  USD   560.00
Product Code : NBP24
Natural Basra Pearl - 3.23 carats
Rs  84,800  |  USD   1,413.50
Product Code : NBP36
Natural Basra Pearl - 2.16 carats
Rs  34,725  |  USD   578.75
Product Code : NBP37
Natural Basra Pearl - 7.72 carats
Rs  259,975  |  USD   4,333.00
Product Code : NBP21
Natural Basra Pearl - 1.18 carats
Rs  18,975  |  USD   316.25
Product Code : NBP31
Natural Basra Pearl - 1.18 carats
Rs  18,975  |  USD   316.25
Product Code : NBP33
Natural Basra Pearl - 1.21 carats
Rs  19,450  |  USD   324.25
Product Code : NBP16
Natural Basra Pearl - 3.07 carats
Rs  80,600  |  USD   1,343.50
Product Code : NBP46
Natural Basra Pearl - 2.96 carats
Rs  52,925  |  USD   882.25
Product Code : NBP10
Natural Basra Pearl - 1.16 carats
Rs  18,650  |  USD   311.00
Product Code : NBP41
Natural Basra Pearl - 2.27 carats
Rs  40,575  |  USD   676.25
Product Code : NBP19
Natural Basra Pearl - 2.10 carats
Rs  33,775  |  USD   563.00

Pearl (Basra Moti)

Pearl (Basra Moti)is the gemstone governed by Moon which increases the power of love, thoughtfulness, mental tranquility and serenity.

Pearl gemstone is directed by the planet Moon that reins the water component on the earth. Those who face instability in their sentiments and relationships with others should wear Pearl gemstone. Moon controls emotional energies of living beings. The person who wears it attains stronger mental power and emotional stability.

Pearl gemstone is connected with Swadhisthana Chakra, The Sacral Chakra.

Vedic scriptures mention that the human body works in accordance with seven energy centres called Charkas (Click here to know about the Chakras in details)

When the Sacral Chakra does not function well, the person faces financial problems, sexual issues, and with the debts mounting. Also they suffer from lower back issues, muscle pains and fertility issues. Pearl gemstone re-charges the Sacral Chakra, and the person regains their self-worth feeling beloved and spiritually blissful.


  • It has moonlike milky color.
  • It has a globular shape.
  • It has coherent, impeccable texture with no indentations or scratches on the surface.


  • Wearing a dented pearl can invite danger to your health.
  • A pearl with thin wavy lines or any other formations on its surface MUST NOT BE worn as it brings grief ans stress.

Any gemstone must be in their natural state meaning it should not be made subjected to heat treatment. Generally stones are heated to enhance their color quality. However, heating the stones reduces their inner value and quality. Untreated gemstones are naturally authentic and tend to generate better results.

To clean the stone, use a soft piece of cloth which is slightly wet. Never use acidic cleaning agents like ammonia or vinegar that can erode the stone.

Wear the stone using gold rings, silver rings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets.

For the best results, use the stone as a ring or a pendant and has to be worn per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST- a scientific healing method devised by Rudra Centre). Gemstones, worn as per RRST methods, give positive results to the wearers. (Click here to know about RRST) You can also click here to read the opinions and experience of those who have used it as per RRST.

For getting best results by wearing Pear gemstone, contact us as our team of experts will guide you through wearing it as per RRST.

Rudra Centre is the first organization across the globe that holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 Certification for expertise in the immaculate use of Rudraksha, Gemstones, Yantra and Hindu ritual paraphernalia based on years-old research and experience.

At Rudra Centre, we specialize in personally collecting the best quality season-based Rudraksha beads and gemstones. We have skilled artisans who are trained in thread, gold and silver artworks and follow Rudraksha stringing as per RRST.

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I just wanted to say thank you so much for making sure the emerald ring I purchased got to me on time. The ring was beautifully made given the short space of time I purchased it and the emerald was of impeccable quality. Your team did a wonderful job and the customer service was outstanding.
My sincere appreciation ...

Dear Neeta,

I wanted to thank you for your recommendations. I have been wearing the recommended pieces and indeed there have been shifts in my life. I feel this joy from deep within. I have had such interesting experiences. I feel as though I have been carrying things...actions of others / feelings etc.

and I am feeling a great shift... So bottomless thanks to you an...


Your work is very very good. I am extremely impressed. I thank you for providing such unbelievable high quality items at such an amazing price!! I have recommended you to many people. I am amazed at your dedication to your business which is obviously a reflection of your deep, pious and sincere faith in Hinduism. You are shining examples of the best of India and what people sho...

Ordered LaPiz Gemstone From Rudra-Center Just One Word \"Excellent\" To Describe About The Quality Of Gemstone And Service

Vaibhav V Narkar...

Dear rudra team

Namaskar, my heart felt thanks for the wonderful items you have sent, I received the package on Wednesday. I was indeed very pleased and satisfied for the items you have sent, as the rudrakshas I have ordered were beautifully stringed in silver. It was very unique wh...

Dear Neetajee
So nice to hear back from you. The Mahashakti Ratna Kavach - (8 Gemstone Gold Bracelet) is showing its power. I am feeling better and confidence as well as new opportunity are keep coming to me. I just received a new offer that I have been waiting for - that is working from home and travel partially. Amazing enough how quick all is coming back together.

Very Respec...

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