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  • Hanuman Pujan &Yagna

    Dear Pandit Rajeev ji,Namaskar,I would like to thank you for the very moving and spiritually uplifting experience my husband and I had today celebrating Hanumanclose
    --Kala Bharati
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About Holi Special


Holi is an important celebration to Hindus. It is celebrated toward the end of winter. The celebration has many reasons; most importantly, it praises the start of spring. In seventeenth century writing, it was recognized as a celebration that praised farming, honoured great spring harvests and the fertile land.

Hindus believe it is a period of making the most of spring's hues and saying goodbye to winter. To Hindus, Holi celebrations indicate the start of the New Year. It likewise has a religious reason, typically connected by the legend of Holika. The prior night Holi, campfires are lit in a service known as Holika Dahan (smoldering of Holika).

Individuals assemble near flames, sing and dance. Youngsters splash gulal at one another giggle and praise, while grown-ups smear dry gulal on one another's appearances. Guests to homes are initially teased with colours, and afterward presented with Holi delights, sweets and beverages. In the wake of playing with colours, and tidying up, individuals bathe, put on clean garments, and visit loved ones. 24th March 2016 Thursday marks Celebration of Holi.

What our Clients Are Saying

  • Hanuman Pujan &Yagna

    Dear Pandit Rajeev ji,Namaskar,I would like to thank you for the very moving and spiritually uplifting experience my husband and I had today celebrating Hanumanclose
    --Kala Bharati

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