Basra Pearl Gemstone


A pearl Gems is a solid object composed of calcium carbonate which is secreted by an oyster after it encounters an irritant. However, Natural Pearls Gemstones, though rarely found, are considered the most flawless of pearls. In this case, oysters (which are shelled invertebrates) secrete bigger pearls naturally, with microscopic irritants. Natural pearls Gemstones are especially found in the Indian Ocean, and are also known as Basra pearl. They have a beautiful rainbow-like shimmer which made them one of the most prized gemstones during ancient times. Arabian, Chinese and Indian texts report instances of 'pearl divers' who would go Pearl Stone hunting – finding a Basra Pearl Gemstones was very rare and very difficult. Today, sea pearl jewellery – necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, etc. is still extremely popular, though less priced than before because of Pearl Gems farming.

The Basra Pearl Gems – moti in the Hindustani language, has been revered in India for its beauty, medicinal value and healing effects for thousands of years. Because of its resemblance, it's associated with the Moon, the deity who rules over the water element, and the embodiment of female energy. The Basra Pearl Gemstone is noted for its light scattering effects and its purity. It's tied to the Zodiac sign Cancer, and to the Swathisthana chakra.

Cultured pearls farming involves infusing freshwater molluscs with an irritant to simulate pearl secretion. Cultured Pearl Gemstones are essentially the same as natural ones, and have helped to enhance the popularity of the modern pearl. There are many kinds of pearls, and south sea pearls and basra pearls are considered the best and the largest the world over. White, yellow and golden south sea pearls are the eternal favourite, and can be worn with a variety of jewellery, rings and stones. Wholesale production and marketing of south sea pearls is a near-Chinese venture today; though other countries have also taken it up.

Before Buying Basra Pearl Gemstones:

Planet: Moon
Indian Name: Moti
Hardness: Around 3 on Mohs scale
Element: Water
Cosmic Color: Orange
Chakra: Swathisthana chakra

Things to look for in a real basra pearl stone:

Moonlike iridescence.
Spherical shape
Rainbow-like lustre, near-perfect reflection.
Coherent and flawless texture without dents or scratches.
A relatively high specific gravity.

Sources and availability:
Basra Pearl gemstones are found in Sri Lanka, Bay of Bengal, Australia, Japan. Cultured farming routinely occurs in China.

Pearl gemstones are most popularly worn as gold and silver pendants, necklaces, rings, stones and bracelets. They can be pure white or yellow.

Take Care of Your Pearl:

After you buy a pearl stone, you must remember that the pearl is a soft, easily eroded gemstone that is highly sensitive to chemicals – especially 'cleaning' agents like ammonia and vinegar. A pearl is basically calcium carbonate – so acidic solutions should be never be used to clean it. The best way to keep it from wearing is an occasional wipe with a slightly wet, soft piece of cloth.
How to wear your basra pearls:
Only a gem expert or a Chakra practitioner can guide you about the proper Basra Pearls stone to buy; every wearer has a unique range of symptoms and illnesses.

Silver rings, gold rings, pendants, necklaces, stones and bracelets are the best ways to use a Basra Pearl Stone – whether white or yellow

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