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Panchapatra, Silver panchapatra, Copper Panchapatra from India

Products for Puja Thalis

Copper Plate
Product Code : PT23
Copper Plate
₹ 700  |  US 10.94
Copper Designer Plate
Product Code : PT17
Copper Designer Plate
₹ 410  |  US 6.41
Kurma avatar  - Copper
Product Code : PT05
Kurma avatar - Copper
₹ 2,350  |  US 36.72
Kurma avatar in Brass
Product Code : PVK25
Kurma avatar in Brass
₹ 475  |  US 7.42
Puja Thali - Designer Copper
Product Code : PT12
Puja Thali - Designer Copper
₹ 850  |  US 13.28
Mini Pujan Thali
Product Code : PVA15
Mini Pujan Thali
₹ 500  |  US 7.81
Puja Thali - Brass
Product Code : PT10
Puja Thali - Brass
₹ 1,050  |  US 16.41
Puja Plate in Brass
Product Code : PT82
Puja Plate in Brass
₹ 440  |  US 6.88
Brass Tray with Small Bowls
Product Code : PT53
Brass Tray with Small Bowls
₹ 1,200  |  US 18.75
Tray with Offering Bowls
Product Code : PT32
Tray with Offering Bowls
₹ 775  |  US 12.11
Kurma Avatar - Brass
Product Code : PT08
Kurma Avatar - Brass
₹ 425  |  US 6.64
Puja Plate in Brass - Leaf Shape
Product Code : PT81
Puja Plate in Brass - Leaf Shape
₹ 250  |  US 3.91
Flower Designed Puja Thali
Product Code : PT62
Flower Designed Puja Thali
₹ 700  |  US 10.94
Brass Plate with Large Bowls
Product Code : PT50
Brass Plate with Large Bowls
₹ 1,180  |  US 18.44
Tray with Offering Bowls - Heavy Design
Product Code : PT54
Tray with Offering Bowls - Heavy Design
₹ 1,250  |  US 19.53
Palm leaf puja plate
Product Code : PT16
Palm leaf puja plate
₹ 350  |  US 5.47
Shree Yantra in Puja Plate
Product Code : AS20
Shree Yantra in Puja Plate
₹ 370  |  US 5.78
Royal Puja Thali  in German Silver
Product Code : PGS03
Royal Puja Thali in German Silver
₹ 7,900  |  US 123.44
Royal Puja Thali
Product Code : RPT01
Royal Puja Thali
₹ 2,700  |  US 42.19
Kurma Avtaar - Brass
Product Code : RI01
Kurma Avtaar - Brass
₹ 365  |  US 5.70
Natural Sea Shell
Product Code : NSS01
Natural Sea Shell
₹ 2,900  |  US 45.31
Brass plate
Product Code : PT22
Brass plate
₹ 900  |  US 14.06
German Silver Thali
Product Code : PGS20
German Silver Thali
₹ 4,750  |  US 74.22
Puja Thali Set - German silver
Product Code : PGS18
Puja Thali Set - German silver
₹ 8,575  |  US 133.98
Designer Puja Thali in Brass
Product Code : PT25
Designer Puja Thali in Brass
₹ 1,415  |  US 22.11
Puja plate
Product Code : PT18
Puja plate
₹ 375  |  US 5.86
Puja thali - Copper
Product Code : PT11
Puja thali - Copper
₹ 1,175  |  US 18.36
Designer Puja Thali in German  Silver
Product Code : GSV06
Designer Puja Thali in German Silver
₹ 1,575  |  US 24.61
Offering plate - German Silver
Product Code : PGS06
Offering plate - German Silver
₹ 2,950  |  US 46.09
Puja Thali  in German Silver
Product Code : PGS05
Puja Thali in German Silver
₹ 4,250  |  US 66.41
Prasad offerings - German Silver
Product Code : PGS04
Prasad offerings - German Silver
₹ 5,675  |  US 88.67
Puja Thali - Steel Design
Product Code : PT101
Puja Thali - Steel Design
₹ 675  |  US 10.55
Pujan Thali
Product Code : PVA14
Pujan Thali
₹ 1,900  |  US 29.69
Shining brass plate
Product Code : PT28
Shining brass plate
₹ 530  |  US 8.28
Brass tray with offering bowls
Product Code : PT49
Brass tray with offering bowls
₹ 935  |  US 14.61
Puja Thali - german silver
Product Code : PT26
Puja Thali - german silver
₹ 1,640  |  US 25.63
Designer brass plate
Product Code : PT30
Designer brass plate
₹ 270  |  US 4.22
Puja Thali - silver
Product Code : PT09
Puja Thali - silver
₹ 45,250  |  US 707.03
Elegant brass plate
Product Code : PT29
Elegant brass plate
₹ 625  |  US 9.77
Puja plate - Silver
Product Code : PT20
Puja plate - Silver
₹ 8,500  |  US 132.81


Rituals, ceremonies and offerings won't complete without Puja Thali. Every single occasion or purpose has different thali. Laxmi Puja thali, Rakshabandhan thali, Royal puja thali in german silver etc are widely used thalis along with Puja thali for general purpose. Puja thalis are made in brass, copper, silver and german silver. They also have various kinds of designs like leaf shape, elegant brass plate, and palm leaf shape. Some of thalis consists of offering bowls or panchpatra. Rudra centre also has a Kurma avatar in brass placed in brass plate.

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I want to thank deeply to the Pundits who are helping so much with their prayers for the health of my beloved. I am so grateful to them. And thanks to Rudraksha Organisation for making this possible and for all the good it is doing in the service of people throughout the world! Be all Priests and people from Rudraksha Organisation be blessed in their holy endeavour.
Thank you, thank you, than...

Thanks Dear RajeevJi,

I had some wonderful divine experiences at the Pooja Time.
Thanks so so very much Rajeev ji for your entire life as a devotee Pandit. In this Kali Yuga Age lot of people doesn\\\'t know what is really important. You are doing the best work, the work to speak with Devatas on the behalf of devotees requesting them from your heart to fulfill ...

Dear Devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
Glories to Gurudev!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for assisting me and doing the Ketu yagya and Japa. I took part in it this morning and the priest, Sri Vimal Ji was very patient with me and very helpful, friendly and informative. Please do convey my heartiest gra...

Thank you very much for your blessing, prayer and comforting words.
Your words bring blessing and happiness to us.
Yesterday we called Pundit Ji and he prayed for us on the phone and made us hear the Shankalpa prayers.
We are waiting for Lord Ganeshas Blessing and Miracle.
We Wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2013.

Thanks & Regards...

Dear Ms. Neeta, Hare Krishna.

I've ordered from the Rudra Center 4 or 5 times and my orders have always been filled very promptly. Your items are beautiful and very reasonably priced and have a palpable spiritual vibe. I intend to order from you frequently.

Jaya Radhe, N.R.


Thank you for conducting the Shani Dev Puja for me. The puja was recommended to me by my astrologer. I am very happy to inform you that the purpose for which the puja was conducted has been a success.
Wong Hu
Okaya, Japan...

To the most wonderful people at Rudra Centre:

Namaste! I received the photos yesterday --- how wonderful! I could see how nicely the brahmins were being served and how much prasadam they had to eat!!! All the photos came out very nice, and I am glad that there was some extra laxmi to give to them. Thank you, so very much, for giving me the opportunity to offer some small homage to the ...

Thank you so much for your kind consideration. As per your suggestion, I was able to call the head Priest Shri Rajeev Ji and listen to the sankalp. Today I have received a video of the sankalp through mail which i have visualized with elation. May I be sincere to you, after the puja truly I feel peace of mind and happiness.

My gratitude to all of you,
Kind regards
Dr. Kris...

Got my prasadam today, thank you for the real quick service, keep up the good work.

Srinivasan Iyer
Bangalore, India...

Hi Ranjeev,

I saw the video and I heard a little bit of the chants of the main priest. Sounds so lovely, and he was so fast saying it, with good tune almost like singing it. I feel the spiritual aura of that place from just the video also. I\\\'m sure the chants and homam went well. You guys are the best!!!
Thanks for your service for me!! I\\\'m sure I will have manifold of blessing ...

Happy New Year!!
Thank you very much for performing Ganpati and Maharityunjaya rituals for us and blessing our family in a special way. After the yagna I felt a sense of peace and inner-contentment for the rest of the day.

V. Radkar, NY, USA...

Mr. Rajeev Gurudutta ji,
I am very much obliged to you for your help and support through the puja. My thanks to your team of Rudraksha Ratna Puja Services. May I express my Gratitude to the Esteemed Head Priest Shri Rajeev Ji, together with the other equally respected nine Priests who have have performed the very difficult (Shri Dhumavti Puja) with sincerity and enthusiasm f...

Sorry I got late in sending you this email as I got so busy with some unexpected things. I really would like to thank you from my heart for all my items and the GIFTS. All the items were in a perfect condition. I really don’t have enough words to thank you for all your sincere help, concerns and thoughtfulness. With you, I always feel as I am de...


Thank you very much performing this puja for my children. When I took the sankalpa on the phone I felt immense power and blessings of maa sarswati. It was beautiful to hear all the repeation of mantras...and gods and goddees, it was excellent feeling.

I am looking forward for mahashivratri live puja with all priests.

Thank you again.

Vidya Radkar...

Feeling spiritually blessed, thank you very much.
Patricia M....

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