Relationship between Gems and Human Body


The five fundamental elements of the cosmos are also the same in our human body. If balanced in proportion they keep the body healthy through the sun-rays. The same elements are found in the gems which are as follows:-

There is the fire element in Ruby and Coral; the water element in Pearl and Diamond; the earth element in Emerald; the either element in Yellow Sapphire and the space element in Blue Sapphire.

These mysterious and coloured gems have great influencing and charming effect on human life. On the basis of purity and hardness, they have been performing great deeds by lessening the malefic effects of planets over the human life and they bring harmony in the good and bad effects of planets.

Each and every gem is extremely radioactive and has the capacity to attract the special cosmic rays towards it. Planetary tremors influence our sensitive sinews or veins. Our classics (mythology) tell us that the position of planets in the solar and lunar systems at the time of child's birth influence every child throughout life. Sometimes the weak influence of planets and stars create imbalance in life. The wearing of gems after proper astrological consideration of one's horoscope can save mental imbalance, physical suffering and financial obstacles. In this way gems serve as our armour and body guard.

IN human body the Sun represents the soul, the moon mind, the Mars perseverance, the Mercury voice, the Jupiter Wisdom (learning), the Venus Love, the Saturn sobriety, thoughtfulness. These planets influence human life and body continuously. In addition to these planets there are two shadow planets (Rahu and Ketu) whose effect is also seen in life.

In Tantra Sara, a famous tantrik scripture, the human body is stated to be an island of nine gems. These nine gems correspond with the nine metal constituents (dhatus) of which the human body in constituted. The gems related with the nine ingredients (dhatus) are:-
• Flesh - Yellow Sapphire
• Hair - Blue Sapphire
• Skin - Cat´s Eye
• Blood - Coral
• Bone - Diamond
• Marrow - Emerald
• Fat - Hessonite (Gomedh)
• Semen - Pearl
• Vitality (Life Force) - Ruby.

Gems work with both kinds of energy - physicochemical i.e. electrochemical; and pranic, i.e., the vital life force - weather they are used as Jewellery or taken orally as pastes or oxides as Bhasmas of the gems.

Wearing of these gems influences the dhatus and the psycho physical well-being in human life. The Puranas present beautiful stories about the origin of gems that convey the utility of the gems.

The Karma Purana states that gems were created from the seven different kinds of rays of light emanating from the seven major planets of our solar system. These rays were transmitted in the seven colours of the rainbow: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. These seven rays of light are responsible for all the cosmic existences in the cosmos, including the human body. Colours are the frequencies of light in different bands, and therefore they emit energy in different forms, which directly influences human body and consciousness. There are hot and cold colours and colours that are neutral (neither hot nor cold). Hot colours increase heat, which results in arrogance and anger, cold colours bring calmness in life system. The neutral colours produce pleasant feelings and joy.

The chemical nature of gems brings them in close contact with man. They are crystals of clear and purified chemicals that are also found in the human body. Their contact with the electromagnetic field of the body becomes easy when they are embedded in pure electrolytes like copper, silver, and gold, used in rings worn between two joints of our fingers. Joints are naturally the most sensitive parts of our body, where the network of nerve fibres and the lymphatic fluid is the most concentrated. The nerve fibres and the lymphatic fluid together serve as the assimilators of energy emitted by the gems. With their slight and constant contact with the skin, they bring changes in the body chemistry by their interaction with the body's energy field, which is permeated by a complex electromagnetic field.

Ancient Scriptures from across the world have appraised gems as powerful agents of energy that influence human fate and destiny, induce good energy, and expel the negative energy that causes sickness, suffering and psychosis. Gems bring peace, prosperity and happiness. Favourable gems bring about name, fame and power and make life comfortable and prosperous.

Gems, as storehouses of divine energy, are used for carving objects of worship, idols, rosaries, talismans (Yantras), amulets, pendulums and so forth. They were also used for mandalas and pots used for offering the holy water or keeping the offerings for concentration. Lingams and Yantras in Pyramid shape are made of Sphatic (quartz). We believe that Yantras carved on stone give siddhi (power to achieve the desired goal) quicker that a rosary made of other beads.

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