Ruby Gemstones


Ruby Gemstones or Manik Gemstones is a naturally occurring Gemstone, which is a variety of the mineral corundum (aluminum oxide). In terms of chemistry. Manik Gemstone is a mixture of Aluminum, Oxygen, Iron and Chromium.

The presence of chromium in the Ruby Stones structure gives its natural color ranging from pink to blood red. It is one of the four precious stones and much sought after, leading to its increasing cost in the current market. The costs of Ruby Gemstone is primarily determined by color, the most expensive "red" being pigeon blood red. After color, the price matrix follows the cut and carat to determine the exact price.

Astrological Benefits of Ruby Gemstone:

Ruby Gemstone represents the planet Sun and imparts good health and strength to the wearer. The best Ruby Gems are known to generate liveliness and bring spark in the human nature. It takes away sadness and gloom from an individual's character. It is believed that gemstone Ruby Gems is effective in safeguarding a person from evil spirits, along with enhancing his/her financial stability.

Wearing the Ruby, one attacts name, fame and prosperity and imbibes leadership skills.

Ruby Gemstone is designated as the King of gemstones due to its association with Sun. Ruby Stone is a protective stone that offers preserved health and invulnerability to the wearer. Original Ruby stone is known to inspire creativity, wisdom and love, and bring forth spirituality and confidence. It also helps in developing mind power of a person. Ruby stone worn by men signify manhood and nobility, while rubies worn by women invoke passion and power. One of the major perceived medical benefits is that Ruby Gemstones improves blood circulation in an individual.

Ruby Gemstone Benefits:

Ruby Gems set in ring/pendant according to Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy gives only beneficial results to the wearer, pacifies malefic effects of Sun, and enhances the positive effects. Both, those who have Sun malefic in their chart as well as by those who have Sun benefic, can derive Ruby Gemstone benefits. A person who wishes to have power of command, name, fame and success may use this gemstone.

Ruby is related to the Manipura Chakra, which is the navel chakra of the body. This gemstone helps to unblock this chakra, leading to a powerful sense of responsibility and leadership. It promotes a sense of self-dignity and removes depression. Thus, the ruby helps in dealing with stomach diseases and problems of indigestion.

Ruby Stones or Manik Stones is a must stone for engineers, mineralogists, goldsmiths (Jewelers), actors, dramatists, artists, Government officials, politicians, diplomats, merchants and aspirant to fame, stock brokers, dealers of cloth, cotton paper and flowers. Creative people looking for fame and good health are also suggested to wear Ruby Gemstones.

Ruby Gemstones Jewelry:

The color and cut of rubies have made it a prized jewelry possession since ancient times. They have always been used as ornament armor, scabbards and harnesses of noblemen in India and China.

Due to its excellent color and quality, real ruby stones are used to make jewelry with the gems cut in different shapes. Women crave about Ruby Stone rings in gold or silver and ruby jewellery sets.

For people who do not prefer rings or want greater benefits can wear Ruby Stone bracelet or Ruby stone pendants. Real Ruby Stone jewelry for men and women are made as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy to give beneficial results to the wearer, pacify malefic effects of Sun, and enhance the positive effects.

Before you buy your Ruby Gemstones

Indian Name: Manik
Planet: Sun
Chakra: Manipura
Cosmic Color: Yellow

Ruby Gemstones Product

Methods of wearing Ruby Gemstones:

Manik Gemstone should either be set in gold or bronze to provide its goodness. It should be washed with fresh milk in the morning and then while chanting the mantra it should be worn. Please consult for the correct finger to wear the ring or correct hand for bracelet.

Availability and Sources of Ruby Gemstones:

The best quality original Ruby stones with better transparency and good color come from Burma. The Burmese Ruby is as valuable as diamond, or sometimes even more. The best quality loose ruby stones are mined out of Mogok region in Burma. Thailand is also of the good sources of natural ruby. Thai rubies come in darker shade of red to almost violet in color. Sri Lanka is another location from where Ruby stone is extracted.

There are techniques to enhance and treat the Gemstone to meet the customer demand. It is comparable to diamond in strength and pricing. However, Natural Ruby is the best option to derive all its natural benefit. We at Rudra Centre, provide original Ruby Stones and Natural Burmese Rubies for sale so that people can derive ample goodness out of wearing it.


Ruby Gemstone is found in Burma, Madagascar, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Kabul (Afghanistan), Tanganyika, China and South India.

Over the last several years with the various geological discoveries, experts believe that Madagascar, Africa has some of the richest and high quality gemstone resources in the world. This 4th largest island in the world has one of the high quality rubies mined. Even though Madagascar rubies are new to the gemstone market, these rubies, being of top fine quality has created its own popularity in a short span. They are fine, transparent and inclusion free with a rich pink colour and look similar to Burma Rubies.

Nowadays most of the Rubies that are sourced are treated, heated or fracture filled. Finding natural, non treated and non treated rubies are very rare and costly

Care & Cleaning Ruby Gemstones

Ruby Stone can be cleaned using hot soapy water, rinse thoroughly afterwards as detergents can cause dermatitis and allergic reactions. Avoid enzyme cleaners. Brush with an old toothbrush to remove dirt and grease. Avoid cleaning agents containing chlorine as they may have a detrimental effect.

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