Things to do on Akshaya Tritiya
  On that day, we have to perform Madhusudhana puja, with Tulasi archan chanting Sri Vishnu Sahasranaamam. And also some special Daanas are suggested on that day, here it is:

1) Jala Daanam (Water daanam to brahmin with betul nut and dakshina) it is for wealth.

2) Shayana Daanam (giving bed) it gives all happiness

3) Vasthra Daanam (giving clothes) Ayushyam, Long life

4) Kunkum daanam _ it gives best position in life and also long life for husband

5) Chandana daanam- it avoids from accidents

6) Thamboolam- It makes a man as ruler of a nation

7) Naarikela Daanam- (Coconut daanam)Our last 7 pithrus will get relief from naraka

8) Butter milk daanam- its for vidhya praapthi

9) Udakumbha Daanam- Giving water containing in borzz or silver vessel filling water with paccha karpooram and safron and Tulasi with betul nut and gives Gaya Shrardha phalam, its the most important daanam to be given for those who wants to get marry, who wants to getout of pithru shapas, and peoples who wants to have a child.

10) Padaraksha- (slipper) this daanam will avoid us from entering into naraka

11) Chatra Daanam-(umbrella) it removes many obstacles in life

Most of all this we have to take bath in Mahanadis, that is ganga,yamuna, godhavari, sindhu,sarawathi,narmada,krishna, bheemarathi, phalgu, sarayoo, Gandaki, gomathi, kauveri, before sunrise it gives immense phala.

And also one more daanam is suggested to give on that day thats wheat, its for the satisfaction of Indra , Indra is a reason for getting rain and growing many eatables on earth, thats why veda mantra says :

Indra Shrshtaani Draveenani dehi shittim Dhakshasya Subhagathva masmey

Posham Rayeenaam arishtim thanoonam swadhmaanam vachah sudhinathva manham

So choose any daanam, or if possible give all the daanams and wash our bad karmas, and do sadhana here in our Sadhana Bhoomi Bharatha.

Source: Posted by Ramesh Achar on Rudraksha Beads Societies Club