Sphatik (Crystal) Gemstones

A Sphatik Gemstones is very similar in shape and appearance to a diamond. In fact, crystals are routinely worn as a more affordable 'replacement' to the much more expensive diamond. In modern India, Sphatik crystals Gemstones are very popularly used to create idols of different Gods. In fact, crystal has been chosen as a good material to construct idols from, for hundreds of years. Crystals can also be used in malas (garlands), necklaces, bracelets and pendants as a form of jewellery.

Crystals have been used throughout history, especially Asian history, for bringing good luck and for pleasing divine powers in success and good fortune. Even in Aboriginal Australia, sphatik crystals were revered as the possessors of interesting powers. Crystals are thought to be good absorbers of positive energy. It has been found that the crystal, when shaped in the form of a small pyramid, also has a unique energy flow which provides optimism, energy and good life balance. The crystal can also be utilised for meditation and contemplation. A well-made crystal necklace can display a sparkling array of colours. It also nourishes the electrochemical equilibrium in the body and makes the wearer calmer, and more focussed. Beads made of crystal are recommended for the invocation of various mantras.

Healing properties of Sphatik Gemstones
The sphatik crystal Gemstones is believed to energize and strengthen blocked sections of the body. An interesting thing about the stone is its universal application by the wearer, irrespective of his or her horoscope. It improves the sleep cycles of the wearer. It ensures smooth energy and blood flow throughout the body, and it is a good conductor of positive energy and vibes. Whether sphatik crystals Gemstones are used as rings, bracelets, pendants or necklaces, they help in physical healing, better memory, and a general universal feeling of love and compassion. They're also supposed to be very beneficial during prayer. They help us gain a better understanding of our instinctual powers.

Sphatik crystals Gemstones are found in India and Africa, Sri Lanka and many other parts of the world.

After you buy your Sphatik Gemstones
Your gemstone might carry negative energies after being purchased, so it's always recommended to dip the stone overnight in solution if you ever feel that the effects of the Sphatik Gems aren't working.

Sphatik Gemstone Products
Crystal/Sphatik Gemstone Sphatik and Rudrakhsa Malas Sphatik Shivaling Sphatik Shiva Parivar

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