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From : Kari
Date: November 2002
Subject : Your service is truly stellar
Country :

Just writing because I received your beautiful (And fragrant! Lightly sandalwood-scented) package.    I want you to know how pleased I am with my beautiful lagna necklace. In fact, I can hardly bear to take it off!    It is also receiving much admiring attention from my friends and associates-- the fine, careful silverwork, the tiny, winking planetary jewels. And, your rudraksha are so well-formed that Americans, unfamiliar with the berry, admire the "beautiful and elaborate carving" that they think they see.  And, you service is truly stellar! I received my package in just four days, all the way from India to California, even with the interruption of an intervening week-end!  I also wish to thank you for the beautiful extra gifts-- the tape, the pamphlet, and the highly informative book.     Further, I highly recommend your yahoogroups listserv. The moderators and participants, especially Ms Kanti and Mr Dharmadeva, are very helpful and generous with their expertise.   I also would like to recommend the services of the Rudra Center in Southern California. Mr. Dharmadeva seems highly dedicated, very responsive, and has been a pleasure to deal with. Thanks, again, and take all the best care, Kari

From : Jagabandhu
Date: October 2002
Subject : My spiritual dedication intensified
Country :

Namaste,    About two months ago with an order for a Siva linga, you kindly gifted me with a wonderful salagram sila. Since worship of this "Ananta" sila began, my life has become much improved and my spiritual dedication intensified.  Thank you. your servant, jagabandhu

From : Ketil Helmersberg
Date: October 2002
Subject : It all looks very good
Country :

Dear Neeta, Thank you for the mala and the emerald which arrived a few days ago. It all looks very good. Very nice handywork. Also thank you for the cassette. The rendering of the Mrityunjaya mantra is really very wonderful.     Sincerely and with the best wishes Ketil Helmersberg

From : David and Neatia
Date: August 2002
Subject : I still cannot get over the quality of the craftsmanship
Country :

Namaste I received order and all is safe and sound. :) The malas and bracelets are exquisite! The beads that were chosen are absolutely beautiful! I still cannot get over the quality of the craftsmanship and the beauty of these pieces.The malas are strung perfectly so that I may wear them together. What a great surprise! I am also using the Karka/Cancer necklace from the "Zodiac Collection" to introduce my lovely mate to the wonderful world of Rudraksha. The necklace is so delicate and beautiful.The pictures on the website cannot do justice to the up close and personal beauty in these beads. I am again at a loss for words to describe how it feels to have these works of beauty, art, (God) in my possession. I feel truly blessed.It allows me to have a great renewal of faith in Humankind. Something I thought I had lost somewhere on the path.Please express my thanks and gratitude to ALL at Rudra -Centre. And to you Neeta, you are a wonder. With people like you on Earth, all will be well. A true Goddess.I am afraid since Rudra-Centre keeps coming up with so many new beautiful designs and combinations. My ordering will not stop here. :) All the best to you and yours, Om Namah Shivaya David and Neatia

From : Janardanadas
Date: July 2002
Subject : I have truly felt the blessings of Lord Shiva
Country :

Namaste! Dear Ms. Neeta,  Although I took mantra diksha initiation from a famous Haridasa kirthankar of the Madhwa Vaishnava sect (the late Sant Bhadragiri Keshavadas, who erected the famous 36 ft tall deity of Vitthala Panduranga carved out of a single boulder in Bangalore) 13 years ago, I am happy to announce that I underwent formal ritual conversion to Sanatan Dharma by Shuddhi Samskara ritual (along with formal adoption of my given Vaishnava name), facilitated by members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America at the Atlanta Shiva Mandir conducted by one Pandit Joshi in front of Lord Shiva, all the Devatas, and about 30 individuals in attendance, on 27 August 02. This wonderful day occurred almost exactly 12 years to the date (1 day of Brahma) of my completion of Badri-Rameswaram Yatra with my late Gurudev. I have truly felt the blessings of Lord Shiva ever since he arrived at my doorsteps in the form of Lord Narmadeshwara with the distinct tripunda markings. God bless you, and thank you again and again, as by your work you are most certainly doing God's will. Krsna Arpanam aste, Janardanadas

From : Mukesh Doshi
Date: July 2002
Subject : I dedicate myself for the propagation of Shree Rudraksha
Country :

Respected Neetaji, Namaste! This morning I have put on SiddhMala. In the first day itself, i have encountered various blessings and miracles! Though such things are possible only through Divine Arrangements, it is really sure that You are Divine Instrument, too! May God bless You in every way! I dedicate myself for the propagation of Shree Rudraksha. I would be pleased to offer any service for this purpose. Thanks and Regards. Mukesh Doshi

Date: July 2002
Subject : I just couldn t imagine leaving them in my prayer room
Country :

Hello, Ms. Neetaji~  I thought I'd just drop you a bit of fan mail from me! Last night in the  shopping mall I ran into an Indian family (a man, his father & his little  boy). As I passed them the man stared directly at my malas. I was walking pretty swiftly but even with the distance I clearly heard him say  "Rudraksha...". I turned and smiled and so he decided to ask me about them. Long story short I handed him your business card and a copy of your small book. He was in great disbelief to see a Filipino with all these Rudrakshas on her neck & that they could be real so he kept asking me how to test them  because one mukhi is so rare. He says he has one in his puja room and worships Lord Shiva every morning. In response to his vehement insistence on  how to test their authenticity I emphasized to him to visit your website and  correspond with you to get all his answers.    Somehow I kinda got the feeling he may have felt the fact that my wearing it  in public was somewhat sacrilegious or showing a lack of respect for Lord  Shiva. I was a little abashed at this thought but, Ms. Neetaji, I love my  Rudrakshas soo, soo much I just couldn't imagine leaving them in my prayer  room when I can be with them all the time...their presence has, I know,  helped me to see my beloved Guru Ma more and more in everything in this  world whether it is a painful or joyful experience of this mind and body.  The physical separation from Her is quite painful and I know had it not been  for Lord Shiva's Rudrakshas it would've been unbearable.  I am sure he will be (if he hasn't already) be getting in touch with you. It  makes me so thrilled to think that so many more will have the opportunity to  have such blessedness in their life thru you and your company! There is an  extremely huge community of Hindus in this part of New Jersey and once they  get a hold of you I am certain, with Guru's grace, it shall spread like wild  fire!!!  You, your family and your company deserve all this, Ms. Neetaji...once more, many blessings from my Guru Ma to you....    Namaste,  MARIE D. AUNIO

From : Kirk
Date: May 2002
Subject : Rudra Centre has the best quality beads in the world
Country :

Hi KL, I think Rudra Centre has the best quality beads in the world and that they are themselves a rarest of rare gem to find. Most places on the web advertise rudrakshas for unimaginable prices and play Brahmin scare tactics regarding so called, "purified," and, "real" beads. All rudrakshas that are real come from the same type of tree and are organic and verifiable items. They're either real or not. If they are real then they are holy and one need not support the pundit families when purchasing one. They will work any way. In other words, it's better to buy a strand of 109 seven faced beads from Rudra Center for $70.00 than it is to buy one single seven faced bead from say Astroganesha for $500.00. That's right! They are both effective but the Rudra center strand would be 108 times more effective. This is my testimonial. Buy your rudraksha from Rudra Center and don't waste time and money on losers. Rudra Centre is supplying almost the whole world with rudraksha and many people are just buying their beads from them and reselling them for 1000% markups. As for meditation four specific beads are mentioned in scriptures as meditation enhancers. One mukhi enhances concentration or dharana quality of mind and help mind to experience samadhi. I have an entire 28 bead strand of one faced and find them very very powerful and quieting to the thoughts. Almost too powerful. I can't wear them for more than a couple hours at a time. 8 sided beads are for developing siddhis, as are 13 sided beads. 8 sided beads amplify peaceful quality of heart and mind and I myself would love an entire strand of 8 faced. I think they would make life very positive. I only have seven or eight of them now. 11 sided beads are specifically for meditation and remove neurophysiological and mental obstacles to meditation. I have a whole strand and they are mind blowing. They have a beautiful solar feeling that's hard to describe. I consider them like being around a guru. Please let me know if this helps any. I am also forwarding your letter to Kevin Schneider who does Rudra Center recommendations and he is very insightful. Please utilize his knowledge. Thanks for writing. Let me know if you have other questions. -  Kirk

From : Karen, Canada
Date: May 2002
Subject : Very happy that the rudrakshas are in his life
Country : Canada

Dear Neetaji: Good News from Canada: Murrayji phoned me. He said that he is "so very, very happy that the rudrakshas are in his life" He was in terrible physical condition for past year and has been on medical leave for months! Recently he had bronchitis which progressed into asthma ! He had been taking many many different homeopathic medicines as well as Chinese Herbs. He is now taking NO medicines ! What is so totally amazing is he mentioned nothing about his physical condition on his request and he was healed anyway and in a very short period of time !! My spiritual practices are deepening profoundly with the help of the rudrakshas. Jai Shri MahaDev !! Many Blessings to you, Neetaji! Namaste Karen

From : Beverly Kune, USA
Date: April 2002
Subject : The energy is so clean and pure and such a high vibration
Country : USA

Dear DharmaDev Arya I received my Rudraksa today and needed to write to tell you how extraordinary it is. The energy coming off of it is truly amazing ... I could feel it even through the packing and its box. I sat there for a long time just holding the box in my hand, and then the Rudraksa itself. The energy is so clean and pure and such a high vibration. I am really astounded. I put it on, and was even more amazed. The energy is very powerful and its effects on my system are many-fold. I could feel almost a cushion of energy surround me ... it felt very cleansing and strong. I could feel it affect my brain, and in fact my thinking has been much clearer and more focussed since putting it on. I also feel uncommonly good ... I am sitting here grinning, and in fact have been smiling almost nonstop for about an hour or more! I truly have not felt this good ... so right with the world ... in a very long time. Although nothing externally has changed I feel somehow okay with it all ... that it will all be okay, regardless -- something I know, but not always able to feel, and certainly not so strongly. Thank you so very much ... words can't really express how much I appreciate your help. Beverly Kune, USA


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