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From : Dev
Date: April 2002
Subject : There is cure but you have to try it first
Country :

As an Air Force pilot, we carry out daily morning exercises to keep our physical and mental health up. During one of this regular exercises in November 1999, I felt a sharp pain and then was diagnosed with RSD (REFLEX SYMPATHETIC DYSTROPHY) which is now referred as CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) at the region of my ankle. This is actually rather a rare symptom and basically there is no cure that is known of yet . I was informed that my sympathetic nerve (the nerve system that is involved in regulating body temperature, heart beat and so on) was injured. The symptoms that I go through are extreme pain, swelling and electric shock sensation that I experience just by the slightest touch around my right ankle! I could barely even sleep as the slightest touch of a blanket or the bed would send me into a shocked state! For more than two years the best of Medical professionals tried all available means with no positive results. Then around mid 2001 they tried a trial instrument called Spinal Cord Stimulator, where the particular instrument would generate electrical impulses thus blocking the pain message from reaching my brains thus I do not feel pain but sort of electrical massage on within my whole right leg. The trial instrument worked great to relieve about 60% of my suffering. Now the tough part of the instrument is the cost and the procedure which is rather painful where they insert a long thin cable along the spinal cord while I was awake! Then it was decided that a permanent instrument should be installed within me. Now, besides medical help I sought spiritual help which in turn lead me to Rudra Centre. I then purchased the siddh mala with the intention of helping me progress spiritually. This I did about two weeks prior to the permanent installation of the above said instrument. Just days later I noticed that the sensitiveness that I usually experienced slowly faded away. It did not really cross my mind that the rudraksha was doing its wonder...I carried on with the operation. I was even given a remote control to switch on the instrument and regulate the pulse of the instrument within my body! I was using the implanted instrument and then after about barely two weeks I kept the remote untouched and kept wearing the mala as long as possible while observing all restrictions and precautions...while chanting the mantras for each mukhi at least 3 times daily. And what can I say? I am already doing great and am looking forward to go flying again! I even purchased a mercury linga from Rudraksha centre and applied the linga to my wound and at aching parts of my body...this combined treatment is beyond comprehension! I am now at loss of how to explain to my medical professors about this as like I wrote above...there is no cure yet...only hope. But I can bet you...there is cure but you have to try it first then you know how true are my words. I have recommended many people with many symptoms and I will recommend more to all of this beautiful wonder bead. Thanks rudra centre and esp. to Ms Neeta Sharma who in her own friendly way and personal attention made things easier for me. Thanks again!

From : Kirk Bernhardt
Date: March 2002
Subject : Like I have joined the company of the saints
Country :

"I am the owner of some strands of rudraksha that are shown on this site. I own a strand of twenty seven eleven faced beads, and another strand of twenty seven one faced beads. These I wear during meditation. I have practiced Transcendental Meditation for twenty years and have never experienced the inner silence that I obtained even from the first moment that I meditated wearing these two unique strands of beads. I had thought I had transcended before but I was wrong. This new experience has even more silence then meditation in a huge group. I literally feel like the whole universe is now propelling my evolution and my meditations are like drinking soma - which is to say that I feel an inner flow that is very extreme. Plus every meditation is the same powerful experience. I used to feel very alone like I was the only person trying to evolve in my neighborhood or city even, but now I feel the company of the sages from across the world and I no longer feel separate from them. These powerful strands have made me feel like I have joined the company of the saints. Thank you Ms. Neeta for taking the time to work with me to make these perfect malas. I am forever in your debt and consider you Uma herself!"

From : Kirk
Date: November 2001
Subject : Shopping online with you is like going to a boutique
Country :

Thank you for all the personal attention. Shopping online with you is like going to a boutique. You always answer. You know that I know the rudraksha beads are real and very excellent. For I've known about rudrakshas for half my life and loved them since the first time I played with them too poor to buy them at a shop. The first time I wore a hundred five faced malas , stress left my spine and I became flexible and was able to touch my toes easily for the first time ever - at age eighteen. I didn't buy them but only tried them all on. The guys at the shop let me see and touch all manner of beads.  I think now that it must have been you or another avatara of Laxmi Ms. Neeta who sold them to that first shop because the prices were like yours a long time ago.   When I remembered rudraksha fifteen years later and looked on the net I almost screamed when seeing the outrageous prices for so called real beads. Well I know that your beads are just as real and at sometimes a fiftieth of the cost of some sites. Those other sites are scary and turn people off to the path and the way. While you Ms. Neeta and Kevin reinforce the path and the way. You know I've bought a billion rudraksha beads now from you and I still love them and have more orders coming. Can't wait to get the latest order. The power of rudraksha is unfathomable. In large numbers of same facets put together the RR beads utterly destroy karma in a range as easily as carving a turkey. One never had sin removal and salvation as easy. Frankly though I'm still poor and would like to see the material benefits more. But my focus is more spiritual. I don't think my mind has the power to think about my job, spiritual life, wife, and also money too. Gotta not think about something. "Maybe someday I'll make a livin. But it's gonna take a while before I give in." I can't yet describe how purified I feel and how much more free since RR bead heaven. I don't think I will ever be able to truely know what a powerful influence they were to me. That will have been their true power. Thanks Again - Kirk

From : John Chew
Date: November 2001
Subject : Rudra Centre is very trustworthy
Country :

Dear Ms Neeta, Actually i haven't quite finish with the experiences and benefits derived from knowing you and your top quality rudraksha. In order to pay back my appreciation and gratitude, hope you wouldn't mind to let me tell people more.   The first rudraksh i obtained was a giant size 1 mukhi bead, Nepalese origin. Actually i owned two of them. Both were in perfect round shape, approximately 5cm in height and 5.5cm in diameters. They both still had real stems attached on the top of the beads. Those two were such a great wonder to me and fascinated me so much that it took me a few days to fall into sleep well since i got them . I first discovered them in a small religious trading store in the Little India, Singapore. The store is owned by two very sincere and honest Indian couples(I think). They showed me a small plastic bag full of rudrakshas with different sizes and colors, mostly collected from Nepal, and some others from the place of Lord Muruga(i forgot where it is).They told me the giant one mukhis were original owned by a sage living near Mount Kailash. The sage had 5 of them for many years. Before he was about to die, he asked his disciple(a very close friend of the couples) to distribute them to lucky and pious people.And all those giant beads had been washed at the sacred Mansanovar lake before giving away.So, the couple owned one ( i saw it on the small altar in their shop for worshipping), an employee's father owned one, a close friend of them owned one. And out of greed, i asked for both them in the bag.Since they liked me very much, they just simply asked for $250 singapore dollars for each.And they kept on telling me how lucky i was and for those beads were so rare that it was impossible to find them anywhere right now.They also helped me to put sandalwood oil on them.Since then, i went back several times to collect more from them, including 12,13,14,15,16,17,18, 19,20 mukhis.    At that time i happened to bump into the website of Rudra Centre and found out about their free service for testing genuinety of rudrakshas. From time to time, i have always detected tiny yellow worm-like insects appearing out of small holes rampaging on my beads." Oh god, those freakin'worms are gonna ruin my holy beads" i thought. Ms Neeta was very helpful and she promised first to test the genuinety, and after that totally disinfected the beads and killed the worms for me. She was nice and it was totally free as long as i paid for the postage.I said,"Ok, no problem", and i waited...      " YOUR BEADS ARE FAKE!", she sent me an email few days later.She tried to cleanse them carefully by brushing off all the muds and pulps, and after that immersing them into luke warm water.She told me those beads fall apart by themselves in the water.Within the beads, there were full of yellow gum-like materials.The beads themselves were made of some very hard artificial moulded plastics. The real stems were simply inserted by men to give them the appearances.That's the reasons which made the beads looked so genuine that even saintly people were fooled and cheated!      My heart almost went failure. They cost me some fortune.If it wasn't for Miss Neeta, i would have worshipped those giant cork balls like God for the rest of my time, and proudly presented them to people to show how fortunate i was.      After receiving my siddha mala from Rudracentre, they were something even more devastating. And my heart again stopped functioning a few more times. I kept on comparing the beads from Rudra Centre and my own collections. The beads on my siddha mala were just so beautiful and with shining lustre. All the lines and mukhis were very clear and well defined. Whenever i put them on my body for a while, i could immediately felt a sense of warmth and peace. These suddenly made me realize that how come those mukhis and lines on my own beads seemed somewhat different. Ms Neeta warned me about unscrupulous people carving extra lines on beads for benefits.This was then the end of the story. All the beads i obtained were fake indeed. 16,17,18,19,20 mukhi ones were Betel nuts carved out by people. No wonder i thought how come all the lines were so equal and yet not deep, colors and lustre were also different.Those 12,13,14,15 were all original 4 and 5 mukhi beads, all round in shape, and not elongated.    Ms Neeta, if you still keep the photos of my 1 mukhi bead (before and after),maybe you can show them together with this mail.    Ms Neeta is very trustworthy, and the price she gives is do damn reasonable.There is not a single doubt in my soul that i will come back to buy from RudraCentre gain and again, and again.   Best wishes John Chew (Very Itchy)

From : John Chew
Date: November 2001
Subject : It has given me such a huge impact on my life
Country :

It is me again, long time no see! Do you miss me and my weird sense of humor? Since the last time i received the siddha mala from you, it has given me such a huge impact on my life. First, my throat disease which has troubled me for the past 7 years was completely cured, without i being aware of it. Now, haha.. my voice is so melodious and magnetic that i can even charm the birds down from trees. Second, now my body is always so active and fill with energy. I used to lose lots of energy rather quickly and needs long rest to regain them, and it gave me lots of trouble. My friends even commented that my face looks pink and reddish right now, since it was rather pale before. However, the bad thing is that the mala seems to suppress my thoughts, so that my mind becomes extremely quiet and tranquil. This was so obvious that whenever i put them onto my head lying down. It seemed to sucks all my thoughts away. That's why i said it was bad because it made me always in meditative mood, thoughts wouldn't come up that easily, therefore i couldn't think of any funny things and humors when talking with people. People around me started to think." Hey, how come that guy becomes so dull and looks like a stupid recently???" Warm regards, John

From : Vivek Sharma
Date: November 2001
Subject : I am recommending this wonder bead to all near and dear ones
Country :

I had been reading about Rudrakshas for a long time and always had the desire of procuring them . Finally I purchased the Siddh mala from Rudra Centre . I noticed profound changes in me . The inner anxiety , fear in me that had been there since several years , vanished . My face glowed . People started to take notice of me . I felt detached with this world , still enjoying its fruits . Now I am recommending this wonder bead to all near and dear ones around me . Thank you Rudra Centre for this divine service to Humanity .

From : Veerapan Pillai
Date: October 2001
Subject : I am eternally indebted to them
Country :

Rudra Centre has helped me enormously by recommending excellent combination of Rudraksha that helped shape my family life and professional career in a positive way . I am eternally indebted to them .. God bless .

From : Jayesh Kapadia
Date: October 2001
Subject : I consider it a divine providence
Country :

I consider it a divine providence that I came across Rudra Centre's website ,when my career graph was at its worst . I wore the business combination as advised by them, and now I am flooded with orders and at the same time I have a lot of peace of mind within myself. Their prices are unmatched and quality and service Unbeatable . Keep it up!

From : Howard
Date: October 2001
Subject : Opportunity to experience the teachings of the rudra
Country :

Kevin, Namaste. It has been almost forty days since I first received and put on my rudra and I can say that when you mentioned "adventure" to me, I smiled; since then my smile has only gotten larger and larger. The changes in my practice and life have been quite powerful and profound. My understanding of my japa and jnana practice has allowed me to reach new heights and I find myself better able to communicate ideas/experiences to others. The transition to this level was a challenge-as my energy level shifted and changed, I myself at times felt thrown out of time and space into a place that still looked like my reality, but clearly was very different. Trying to act and remain "normal" during these times (especially at work) was quite a challenge, but all that has quieted down for now. I want to thank you again for the opportunity to experience the teachings of the rudra. I realize that I am far from being "done" (in all ways), but I am in THIS adventure for the long haul. I will probably be ordering a power pendant for my wife for the holidays.   Again, much thanks and blessings. OmShanti. Howard

From : Pranata Ronna
Date: March 2000
Subject : Thanks to the Rudraksha gem consultation
Country :

Om Namah Shivaya: Thanks to the Rudraksha/gem consultation and Amma's grace, nothing of my former mundane life exists any longer!!!! (including where I had formerly resided). At Her lotus feet, Pranata Ronna


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