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From : Hiraknil Chatterjee, India
Date: November, 2015
Subject : Would like to extend my heartfill thanks
Country : India

Hi,    Would like to extend my heart fill thanks to you for delivering me the product on time. It was really a pleasure working with Rudra Centre Team.Your efforts and commitment from beginning to the end of process was superb.It was not an easy task right from resource gathering to delivering the product and honestly you people have done a fantastic job.Hope you uphold the integrity of Rudra Centre and continue to provide customer satisfaction.   I am sure your hard work and determination will bring Rudra Centre at its height someday in near future. Lastly it would be injustice from my part if I don't thank the artisans for their efforts and time.Without them the process would have remain incomplete. Would also extend my heartiest thanks to them to deliver the product and curving out such beautiful piece of art from rarest gemstones..It was a tough challenge though...wish them all success in future endeavors. Wishing you a very Happy Diwali!!!!...Looking forward to order more products in days to come...great job guys....once again a big THANK YOU!!!...cheers...!!!! Regards,  Hiraknil Chatterjee  

From : Samantha, Honolulu, Hawaii
Date: November, 2015
Subject : I appreciate you and Rudra Centre so much
Country : Honolulu, Hawaii

Hi Neeta!    Thank you so much... I received my package today....and thank you for the extra gifts!! I have a question... How many days do you wear the red thread Moli? I think you told me the last time 9 days. P.S. My husband, My son and I have found a beautiful home at a awesome location in Honolulu, Hawaii. I purchased a Puja service January of this year from Rudra Centre on buying a house... We waited patiently and found a wonderful home. I appreciate you and Rudra Centre so much.... Lots of Love to you all!!    Thank you & Love,  Samantha

From : Ruby, India
Date: October, 2015
Subject : I have felt so much peace after I started wearing Gauri Shankar rudraksha
Country : India

Hi Neetaji,    I always wanted to have Rudraksha since childhood but didnt know reliable source back then. I consider it Shiv ji grace that I came across your website while googling about Rudraksha. I was going through difficult time then. Moment I saw your website I was very happy and I felt you are reliable source but my friends and family were skeptical. Since I was very much interested in buying Rudraksha, my friend suggested me to talk to someone she has seen wearing Rudraksha in our office. Its coincidence or my luck that guy was Rudraksha Ratna customer from long time. I was so happy to hear that. So I happily bought a Gauri Shankar rudraksha and I have felt so much peace after I started wearing it. I also bought 1 mukhi java rudraksha for my mother as she has migraine problem and there is an improvement. Thank you for your services. Everytime I read people's testimonials on your website, it gives me joy that Rudraksha and your services are bringing smiles on so many faces. I wish to buy many more mukhi beads and may be someday I will :).   Regards,  Ruby

From : Anonymous, USA
Date: October, 2015
Subject : The siddh kavach has undeniable energy
Country : USA

The siddh kavach has undeniable energy. I started wearing it today and upon placing it on my arm, I immediately felt lightheaded and my heart was racing. So much energy, unbelievable! It will definitely take a few days for my body to adjust to this shift in energy. I have faith that my financial problems will eventually improve and I will maintain peace of mind. Thank you rudra centre!

From : Abhishek, Mumbai, India
Date: October, 2015
Subject : Am really grateful to you
Country : Mumbai, India

I am really grateful to you. Although I purchased a small Kuber pendant in copper, I was really satisfied. I requested to send me an extra string which this company has rightly did. Moreover it was energized too as I could rightly get the fragrance of typical Puja and Havaan. Thanks again. This goes in to show the best practices followed by this company.  Good luck.

From : Margareta, UK
Date: October, 2015
Subject : I am greatly honoured to wear a very incredible mukhi bead
Country : UK

Hello, namaste, Many thanks for the very special mukhi beads recently received.Today I also am greatly honoured to receive and to wear a very incredible mukhi bead, that I couldnt have hoped for when I first was in touch with Rudaksha-ratna centre.It is skillfully-made and , as ever, carefully packed, with your lovely satin envelope and jewellery box. Many thanks again M

From : Mhollands, Northbrook, US
Date: September, 2015
Subject : The beads are quite amazing and a real tonic
Country : Northbrook, US

I should add that the muhki beads are rather like the healing we may receive by visiting a holy place,shrine etc.I have been to several holy places in the world,with my late husband. and since. Also-in my spiritual search,I looked into religions and went to many church services,etc-not only the Christian ones,and read up on the holy books.The beads are quite amazing and a real tonic to people-like a marvellous healing spring ! Best wishes M

From : Margareta, USA
Date: September, 2015
Subject : I consider myself fortunate and truely blessed
Country : USA

Hello, namaste, again. My situation has improved already and my lovely eldest daughter amd I seem to have smoothed out our former misunderstandings.I do feel more like my true self again and am creating a better life with the help of the incredible muhli beads.It is indeed a real blessing to have found out about these.I can see how this has happened.and I consider myself fortunate andtruely blessed.Although I have been a meditator for 23 years, I didnt know about the muhki beads, till recently.It now seems to fall into place. Many years ago, I was given the Bhagavad Gita to read, but I think it was too soon for me.I am not Hindu, so havent had much to read from your holy books.My father was a staunch Atheist/Humanist and so we didnt follow any religion.When I grew up, I looked into several different religions, and spirituality.I read that any of us can wear muhki beads, both Indian and non-Hindu, and that there are several types of beleifs in India.It is a great help to all of us, to develop our spirituality, as well as improving our lives and health.Hope to persuade family and others to wear the beads, too. The items are all beautifully-packed, too, many thanks. Margareta.

From : Anonymous, UK
Date: August, 2015
Subject : I felt a subtle vibration in my body as well as a cooling sensation
Country : UK

I recently ordered the Kalpvriksha bracelet as per the recommendation of Neetaji. I am so very impressed with the speedy arrival of the package, the quality, beauty, authenticity, and craftmanship with every single rudraksha. Great customer service- I am a first time Rudraksha wearer. Neetaji corresponded instantly to all my inquiries and queries. I have been wearing the bracelet for 3-4 days now. Instantly upon wearing it I felt a subtle vibration in my body, as well as a cooling sensation. I feel these vibration more so when I\'m still. I really am looking forward to the next month or so in attaining the full benefits of these divine beads. Thank you Neetaji and Team!

From : Margareta, UK
Date: August, 2015
Subject : I am more optimistic and fi ding my old energy again
Country : UK

Hllo,  Namaste,  Dear Mrs Neeta Singhal and colleagues,  Many thanks for the items sent! Effective and the Yantras are beautifully made. I havent tried the mukhi beads till now, and already I am more optimistic and fi ding my old energy again!I used to be far more confident, but after many, many problems, I had a bit of an emotio al bashing,.My dear 2nd husband died of cancer, although we had ahealthy lifestyle, and I was ill, with a lump in my breast Ater that a friend died in a fire and I had a lot of vandalism at my former address, yet was leading a quiet life, not causing trouble. My mother fell ill, after many years of being partly disabled and my sister tuened against me.My first husband died 3-4 years ago, and our daughter turned against me.This has improved, but not quite to the happy mum and daughter that we were.I have other children and gramdchildrenall doing well.and even so, the eldest girl is, also.In the past, I tried many talismans and have put these away.I had much faster result with your items.I have been meditating ober 21-23 years amd recently restarted yoga, which I did in the past.I also keep fit by long walks and swimming.The meditation has helped me to be calm, but materially , my life is far worse.However, with ypur items,I think I have found a better way forward.In the past, I have had some success in music and am a professionally-trained singer-also worked in alternative therapies.I am partly retired at the moment, but would like to do more with my life.I do feel I amnow in touch with the right people.


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