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Rs:  650,000   US$ 10,833.50 The Indrakshi combination - J - Silver - Big
Made of large sized Java beads 15mm-28 mm
Beads capped in pure silver
Silver used: 30 grams

Rs:  525,000   US$ 8,750 The Indrakshi combination - J - Silver
Made of medium sized Java beads 12 mm-20 mm
Beads capped in pure silver
Silver used: 28 grams

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I am new to the blissful energies of rudrakshas, though have 30 years of spiritual discipline. Recently something wonderful happened, due to my 10 muhki beads (I think)! For many years I have made psychic protection an art form, and as a healer it is a 'must'. But still I have occasionally been vulnerable to harsh thoughts, wor...

Namaste, the malas have just arrived this morning. I have no words to describe the sensation I felt by seeing them. The beads are so beautiful, that one gets almost hypnotized just by staring at them.

I'll start wearing it next monday and untill then I'll make my daily puja to those powerful rudraksha beads. For this mala, I'm eternall...

P/S. The personal mala which I bought from you earlier is working on me in mysterious ways. I am practically a 90% vegetarian, some bad habits have been reduced to a great extent, I am much calmer and patient than before and I suppose, more in control. The changes have been very subtle and not a "coup-de-tat" or "take over" sort of...

Dear Neetaji,
Thank you very much for the very prompt sending of my order, which I received yesterday. I am enjoying the book on gems .
The Navratna mala is more beautiful than the pictures - the beads have a very pleasing feel to them. I appreciate the traditional blessing that has been done. There is a subtle sense of well-being and ca...

I got a siddha mala from Neetaji and started wearing it on Dec last week. I have had breaks in the middle, but there have been results.

I was suffering from Psoriasis for last 7 years. In one month, it has regressed by 80%. At this rate, problem should be resolved in a month or two. I think there has been some weight loss as well.

I received my order from you a few days ago and everything has been great. Since the first day i started to wear the rudrakshas the energy in my meditations have increased greatly and yesterday I had my biggest spiritual experience yet during meditation.

Thank you very much Neeta!

Jose Castro...

I have just received two shani rudraksha beads from Rudra Centre. very beautifully done, very reasonably priced, and the energy coming off the rudraksha when i removed for the pacakge was and is very bright and clean. Very very good vibes to put it very simply. My best friend placed an order with them as well and received excellent quality beautifuly ...

Dear DharmaDev and Miss Neeta,

I gave two friends (Ben and Seetharam) their own 5 Mukhi Kanthas (MF05) recently and thought you would like to read their feedback:

I have more to tell you than can fit in a single email! The Rudraksha are tremendous! Thank you a million times. Seetharam is delighted and said that they have ...

Hello Rudra centre,

Thank you very much. I also wanted to let you know I received the Parsad, photos and gifts from the Bhuvaneshwari puja today and they are so wonderful. Everything is exquisite. I love the Ganga Jal bottle so much. The wealth box is wonderful. I have kept it in my purse. Thank you very much.


Dear Mrs Neeta,

I received the order of my Saraswati power bracelet and Saraswati yantra on a thursday morning.

The packaging was done beautifully and the Saraswati bracelet is so beautiful with the gold beads attached to it! I felt a strong sense of calmness and confidence after i said a prayer to ma Saraswati and wore ...

Dear Neeta, Namaste

Miracle two: Power of Gayatri Yantra, Mantra and Rudraksha Mala (purchased from you)

One of my younger brother is alcoholic and he has been worse since last two years. He has undergone detoxification and treated with all of sort psychotic drugs. Nothing stopped him and he continued to go down the same ...

Rudra centre team,
Finally my wish -doing Ganesh Yagna is fulfilled. I am ever greatful to your Rudra centre. Thank you very much.
Mrs. Radkar and family

Dear Neetaji,
i just received the beads today morning. The beads and yantra are beautiful! I like it very much! I chanted om namah shivaya 3x before i wore the beads and the individual mantra for each mukhi 5x as well.
Thank you so much for all your help,advice, kindness and patience...may God Bless you.
Take care and good luck!

Received my beautiful chunri today,
thank you very much

Karina Dawson...

Namaste, Neeta I hope all is well with you. I received my package while in the middle of moving.This move was more stressful than usual. Opening the package was like a breath of fresh air. Once again the Rudraksha with pendalling design was beautiful. My blood pressure has begun respond to the 5 Mukhi Rudraksha. Last Friday I did the Pran Prathis...

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