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The Indrakshi combination - J - Silver - I

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Design: The rarest combination of selected high quality clear , large size beads of One mukhi till 21 mukhi beads of Javanese origin. Beads strung in pure sterling silver in basket design according to Rudraksha Science Therapy that guarantees results. Silver is platinum rhodium plated for long lasting shine.

The Indrakshi mala combination is made up of one bead each of One mukhi till 21 mukhi according to the description in Katyayani tantra. It is a rare possession and only few fortunate persons in the world possess this combination. Ancient texts say that possessing this mala is like having entire Universe with you and makes a person "Ichadhari" meaning His wish is the command to the Universe. According to Katyayani tantra which describes this mala, blessings of Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Durga, Ganesha, Surya and other deities always stay with the wearer of this mala and he get all his desires fulfilled. Gives protection from any kind of harm or loss or danger. On seeing the wearer of this mala all evils, negativity and negative forces are dispelled. Gayatri Devi in all Her forms resides in this mala. This mala balances all the major and minor chakras in the human body and pacifies negativities of all planets and increases their benefic effects.

Fit for the royalty, this grand possession is a family treasure. Its price increases every year due to the rarity of the beads. Its power spans across generations. It provides riches, pleasures, comforts and all earthly desires, as well leads one to path of righteousness and Moksha.

This is not one mala, but a set of 2 wrist malas in silver with beads strung according to Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy that balances your chakras and removes malefic effects in an unbelievably short period. The magnetic field generated by this style of stringing is so huge that not only the wearer prospers and becomes a power in his own sphere; he motivates the people around him also into self realization and acquisition of their goals.

For:The 1 Mukhi to 21 Mukhi Indrakshi combination would be worn by a Community Leader to help manifest projects and programs for the well being of others and their own Families also. This combination is for those who desire immense abundance in their lives in all spheres and need divine Power to manifest programs/projects for the benefit of humanity.

Purpose: The Indrakshi combination influences all the Siddhis for accomplishment in the relative field and the absolute field. This combination generates all the attributes of destroying ignorance and maintaining balance and at the same time one is creating new positive realities to help the Mankind and Womankind in this Age. A Person who wears this Mala is Awake 7 days a week and 24 hours a day and in the middle of Creation and Manifestation and Destruction of Ignorance.

Product Price
Rs:  650,000   US$ 10,878.75 The Indrakshi combination - J - Silver - Big
Made of large sized Java beads 15mm-28 mm
Beads capped in pure silver
Silver used: 30 grams

Rs:  525,000   US$ 8,786.75 The Indrakshi combination - J - Silver
Made of medium sized Java beads 12 mm-20 mm
Beads capped in pure silver
Silver used: 28 grams

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I am basanta again. I was so happy with the products you sent me last time to finland. It is one of the good websites or organisation to order spritual items and we can rely upon it.

Once again i have ordered some malas and other things from your website. and will shop again in future. I am kind of religious man who needs a lot of things but it is unavailable here in for...

Dear Mrs Neeta,

May the blessing of my Lord Ganesha be upon you,

I have received the package sent to me through DHL about four days ago. I was not at home and my neighbour signed receipt for it. Thank you for arranging delivery of the mala to me. I also noticed quite a number of additional items included, which I presumed...


I Received the Durga Shakti Mala. There is only one word to describe it and that word is above: Perfection.

Mukhi lines are all perfect and visible. Rudraksha Beads are uniform, perfectly round, solid and heavy to the touch. In my life I have searched for the perfect Mala for Japa, meditation, and daily wearing. This is that Mala.

I was reminded of ...


Well, I just came to know, through personal experience, several interesting things:

1.  The mala's from Rudra-Centre are indeed every bit as powerful as I had heard prior to ordering! When I first found their site I posted an inquiry about the quality and efficacy of their products. I got a lot of responses -- including from ...

Dear Rudra Centre: Namaste! I want to thank you for the lovely sacred items you recently sent me. Everything was absolutely perfect. I love the beautiful crystal and lotus seed hand malas you included... what a delightful surprise! They are both wonderful for doing japa, very smooth. The lotus seeds feel like velvet... quite divine!


Dear Ms. Neeta Ji,


I have opened my package at the start of my morning puja today and I was very very pleased with my malas which I have adorned my murtis. The murtis look so beautiful with the malas that I could feel the vibration coming out from them as I have placed them with great devotion.

In ...

Dear Neeta, Namaste

I received the rest of the order today. Thank you again from bottom of my heart for gifts enclosed.

I ordered more on Monday after I contacted you.

I am very happy with all holy items I bought from you and they are so unique and wonderful to have with me. I have given some of them as pre...

Dear Neeta Mata & Mitra,


Thank you very much for the beads. They came so quick!

Also the enclosed gifts are very much appreciated.

The necklace is beautiful and is very professionally put together, and the amount of love and devotion put in is certainly noticeable.


Hi Neeta,

I have ordered from Rudra Centre several times before, and always appreciate the fine quality and spiritual feeling of all of your products, and the wonderful service with such generous free gifts as well. Also, I have felt the powerful effects of the rudraksha beads, and combination rudraksha bracelets that I have purchased f...

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