White Sapphire Gemstones

White Sapphire Gemstone and its Association with Planets

Natural White Sapphire Gemstone is the Jyotish Gem associated with Planet Uranus which is a planet for good luck and divine grace and immense wisdom. Like Jupiter, White Sapphire Gems bestow wealth, luxuries and fortune on an individual. White Sapphire is claimed to bestow happiness in married life in addition to providing magnetism and attractiveness to the user.

White Sapphire Gemstones as a Flawless Substitute for Diamond

White Sapphire Gemstone or more commonly known as the “safaed pushkaraj” is not very commonly found gemstone. It is rarer than the Yellow Sapphire and more higher priced.

White Sapphire Gemstones have a distinctive astrological importance and provide tremendous benefits too. White Sapphire Stones are unlike other sapphires and are completely colourless. White sapphire Gemstones have a rating of nine on the Moh's scale. A diamond has a rating of 10 on the Mohs scale and this qualifies the White Sapphire Gemstone as the second hardest natural mineral found on earth.

White Sapphire Gemstone Products

What are the Benefits of white sapphire Gemstones?

Just as other Gemstones, white sapphire stone also has its own share of benefits to offer. All the primary energy locations of our body are known to be cleansed and activated with the help of White Sapphire Gems. They Channel copious amount of white light into the body healing all the chakras in the system.

White Sapphire Gemstones are known to possess this brilliant energy that helps to soothe and cleanse our emotions. The wonderful vitality that this White Sapphire Stone offers helps in removing the negativity and instead filling our body with love, peace and joy.

If you wish to attract financial abundance, prosperity and fulfillment of your desire, then this White Sapphire Gemstone is the right one for you.

White Sapphire Gems and Its Association with the Sahashara Chakra

Like every other Gemstone, the White Sapphire is also connected to one of the Chakras of our body. The white sapphire is connected to the Sahashara Chakra or Crown Chakra of our body. Sahashara Chakra is located on the crown of our head and is said to connect us with the universe by tuning us to the highest form of consciousness and the divine. The Crown Chakra is known to teach us the expression of gratitude and contentment.

The Sahashara Chakra is a thousand petalled lotus on the top of the head and represents infinite wisdom and the ability to understand the meaning of life. It helps us to be divine and in perfect harmony with the world by showing no prejudice. It also enables us to be aware of our self and the world around us. When the Crown Chakra is awakened, it helps us stand apart from the rest and helps in expanding the standard of awareness, self-esteem and self-reflection.

When this Chakra of our body is blocked, negative thoughts start flowing in our head because of lack of joy. As far as the physical effects are concerned, we are likely to suffer from problems like migraine attacks, amnesia, epilepsy, depression, issues with our central nervous system, skin related issues and hair fall.

This Chakra can be unblocked by wearing a Safed Pukhraj Gem. White sapphires are largely found in the countries like Australia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Madagascar and Tanzania. However, the best source is found in Sri Lanka.

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