White Zircon Gemstones


White zircon has been traditionally used as a 'substitute' for the far more expensive diamond for hundreds of years. It's very similar – it's only slightly less hard (Mohs hardness of about 7.5), and it has a similar lustre and refractive index. It also has the brilliant sheen that the diamond is so famous for.

However, in contemporary gemology, white zircon has been gaining importance in its own right. It's found in several other colours as well – brown, yellow and orange being the most notable shades. Zircon is basically zircon silicate. The mineral is found universally, and in all types of rocks. Its typical tetragonal structure leads to the white brilliance that is associated with the stone. The mineral is frequently used in the ceramic industry. Also, traces of radioactive elements like thorium and uranium found in zircon deposits have contributed to the development of radioactive dating.

Healing effects and benefits

The benefits and healing properties of white zircon are numerous. It can be worn as rings or stones, in bracelets, pendants and necklaces. Its use with silver ornaments is famous. The effects of this stone are guided by the planet Uranus. This stone helps unblock the Sahasrara Chakra – known as the central crown chakra. This node of our body decides the awareness of our existence. When blocked, it leads to lack of enthusiasm in life and all its aspects. This stone helps enhance the wearer's memory, and prevents headaches, migraines and mental wearing from old age.

   Before you buy your gemstone

Planet: Uranus
Cosmic Color: White
Chakra: Shahashara Chakra


Numerous countries; but Australia and Africa are the biggest producers.

   How to care for your white zircon:

White zircon is less durable than a typical diamond, so more care must be taken to protect it. It is recommended to clean the gemstone periodically. To detoxify the gemstone please dip it in water overnight.

White Zircon Gemstone Products
White Zircon Gemstones White Zircon Gemstone White Zircon Gemstone White Zircon Gemstone

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