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Chakra Vastu - The presence of Vastu Purush

Gomati Chakra

Gomati Chakra: Importance, Uses, Puja Vidhi & Benefits Every item associated with the Divine are considered sacred by the Vedas. The Gomati Chakras are no exception. They are found in the Gomati River healing several issues that people face in their routines. Gomati Chakras are white in color featur Read More...

Vastu Purush

Vastu Purush: Importance, Mandala, Location in House, Directions, Vastu Mantras The concept of Vastu Purush stems from Vastu Shastra, the science of architecture. Vastu Purush is the ruling deity of a residential structure. He is in charge of harmony among the residents. The ancient science of Vastu Read More...

Sacred Geometry for Vastu

SACRED GEOMETRY Nature has provided us with tools, using which different energies in your home or workplace can be enhanced. These tools are mentioned below: Swastik A Swastik symbol is highly auspicious. It symbolizes the Sun God (Lord Surya). The four arms of the Swastik symbolizes four directions Read More...

Significance of Vastu Directions

Vastu works on the principle of maximizing various energies and designing your home or workplace in accordance to these energies. Let's take a look at the different directions in Vastu and their significance: ABOUT FIVE ELEMENTS – PANCHATATVA Everything is this universe is made up of the Panchabh Read More...

Tatva Vastu

Top TATVA VASTU – INTRODUCTION Tatva Vastu is the science of harmonizing and reaping maximum benefits from the dwelling by managing energies and influences of the Pancha Tatva, Planets, Chakras and Geometry in the space enclosed by the dwelling. In this Science, the chakras of Vastu Purush which l Read More...

Vastu for House

Size Of House Matters For Happy Living? We always chance upon a stirring piece of news in the middle of our conversations with friends, acquaintances, relatives and the family. The news is that someone moved into a grand society at 34th floor, someone invested money in a potentially would-be-in-dema Read More...

Vastu For Health

Vastu Remedies For Good Health Every living being on this earth seeks to lead a life that brims with happiness,  good health  and material as well as spiritual success. One can find easier to attain them when the place they dwell in is full of positive energy.  Vastu  Shastra, an ancient Read More...

Vastu For Flat

Useful Vastu Tips For Bedroom, Living Room And Kitchen Case Study: Manoj Desai, 35, an entrepreneur living with his family in an upmarket town had been upset in his life although people working under him were happy as his business was running well. All of his associates praised his abilities when it Read More...

Vastu for New Flat

Vastu Tips before buying new flat We live in a world that is characterized by people of varied mindsets and their kaleidoscopic perceptions about things surrounding them, so is in the case of those planning to buy or invest in properties.  When it comes to buying an estate property especially a r Read More...

Vastu Tips For Temple Room

Vastu Tips For Temple Room A temple is a divinely central part of Indian homes. Extreme care is taken while setting it up in accordance with Vastu principles. Vastu Shastra states specific decrees and norms as to how a home temple should be constructed. A temple at your home should be installed as p Read More...

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Did you know that your domestic prosperity also depends on the structure of your home? Chakra Vastu demystifies the Vedic secrets of energizing your home or workplace by enhancing the Chakras and Elements of Vastu Purush. Rudra Centre offers Vastu services and mystic objects that invite prosperity and peace of mind.