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List of 108 Different Names of Lord Sai Baba

Sr. No. Loard Sai Baba Names Meaning Mantra 1 Sainatha ॐ श्री साईंनाथाय नमः। Lord Sai 2 Amatya ॐ अमत्य्राय नमः। Being a Superhuman Being 3 Martyaabhayaprada ॐ मर्त्याभयप्रदाय नमः। Giver of Salvati Read More...

108 names lord rama

Sr. No. Loard Rama Names Meaning Mantra 1 श्रीराम Shree Rama ॐ श्रीरामाय नमः। Om Shriramaya Namah। One Who Gives Happiness 2 रामभद्र Ramabhadra ॐ रामभद्राय नमः। Om Ramabhadraya Namah। One Who Is Most Auspicious 3 Read More...

108 names goddess kaali

Sr. No. Goddess Kali Name Meaning 1 Siddha She Who has Attained Perfection. 2 Svayambhukusumapriya She Who is the Beloved of the Flower Which is Born by Itself. 3 Vyaktavyaktatmika murtih She Who is the Image of the Manifest and Unmanisfested Soul 4 Kulina She who is excellence 5 Svayambhupspapalika Read More...

108 names Goddess Ganga

Sr. No. Goddess Ganga Names Meaning Mantra 1 Ganga   One who flows Om Gangay Namah   2 Vishnu-padabja-sambhuta One who is born from the lotus feet (toe) of Lord Vishnu Om Vishnu-padabja-sambhutai Namah 3 Hara-vallabha   Dearest to Shiva Om Hara-vallabhai Namah 4 Himacalendra-tanaya Daughter of Lo Read More...


Sr. No. Different Krishna Names Meaning Mantra 1 Krishna Onw Who is Dark-Complexioned ॐ कृष्णाय नमः। Om Krishnaya Namah। 2 Kamalnatha Onw Who is Divne Consort Of Goddess Lakshmi ॐ कमलनाथाय नमः। Om Kamalanathaya Namah। 3 Vasudeva Divine Son of Vas Read More...


Sr. No. Different Shani Names Meaning Mantra 1 Sanaischara One Who Is Slow, Slow in Motion ॐ श्री शनैश्चराय नमः। Om Shri Shanaishcharaya Namah। 2 Shanta Being Peaceful, Calm, Composed ॐ शान्ताय नमः। Om Shantaya Namah। 3 Sarvabhishta-pra Read More...


Sr. No. Different Hanuman Names Meaning Mantra 1 Rudraveerya Samudbhava Born of Shiva || Om Rudraveerya Samudbhava Namah || 2 Dashabahave Ten-Armed || Om Dashabahave Namah || 3 Daityakulantaka Destroyer of Demons || Om Daityakulantaka Namah || 4 Kabalikruta Martanda-Mandalaya Swallower of the Sun || Read More...

Lord Narayana

Who is Narayana? Introduction: Lord Narayana, known as Vishnu, is the Vedic Supreme God worshipped most devotedly in Vaishnavism. The Vedas, the Puranas and the Bhagwad Gita regard Him as The Supreme Lord or Purushottama. He is revered as the same, which means He is the greatest Godhead. Sacred text Read More...

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