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Planetary and Dosha Yantra

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Kalastra Mantra

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Surya Yantra

Surya Yantra / Surya Yantra benefits Description about Surya (The Sun God) Sun is the principal planet of all earthly and heavenly planets and sustains all living beings residing on their respective planets. Puranas describe the Sun god as having a divine body of gold along with the chariot pulled b Read More...

Shukra Yantra

Shukra Yantra / Shukra Yantra benefits Description about Shukracharya: According to the great epic Mahabharata, Shukracharya was not only a lord of wealth but also the master of the medicinal herbs, the mantras and all kinds of tastes. His capabilities are believed to be wonderful. He had donated al Read More...

Shani Yantra

Shani Yantra / Shani Yantra benefits Description about Shani: Lord Shani, Saturn, is the son of Sun god and Chaya (Sanvarna). He is considered as a pitiless god ruling the planet Saturn. He is believed to be the elder brother of Lord Yama, the god of death. Both; Shani and Yama are appointed by the Read More...

Rahu Yantra

Rahu Yantra / Rahu Yantra benefits Description about Rahu: He is the presiding deity of this shadow (Chhaya). According to the Rig-Veda when Rahu – the son of Asuya or Sinhika covers the sun and the moon with his darkness, then it becomes so dark that the people become unable even to identify Read More...

Navgraha Yantra

Navgraha Yantra / Navgraha Yantra benefits Description about Navagrah—Nine Planets: In Vedic astrology, Navagraha (nine planets) are some of the major planetary influencers. They are Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, the Sun, the Moon, Rahu (north) and Ketu (south). Sun: Being the princi Read More...

Mangal Yantra

Mangal yantra / Mangal Dev yantra Benefits Description of Mars: In the Indian astrology, Mars is considered as an inauspicious planet. The auspicious phase of mars lasts for seven years. The Puranas dictate that those who worship Mars get their desired fulfilled. Astrological Significance: The plane Read More...

Ketu Yantra

Ketu yantra / Ketu yantra Benefits About Ketu Planet: Vedic astrology maintains that Ketu possesses no visible celestial body. Therefore, it is generally referred to as a ‘shadow’ planet. It has a tremendous impact on human lives and also the creation of whole universal. The upside is t Read More...

Kaalsarp Yantra

Kaal Sarp Yantra & its benefits Description: The Sanskrit word ‘Kaal’ means death. A person born under Kaal Sarp Yog endures countless agonies throughout their life. The Kaal Sarp Yog is formed when all the planets are situated between Rahu and Ketu. Rahu is known as the head of a demon Read More...

Guru Yantra

Guru Yantra & its benefits Significance of Jupiter: According to the Holy Rig Veda, Jupiter (Guru) should be worshipped with utmost devotion. Pleasing the planet Jupiter offers you with prosperity and intelligence. The worshipper is blessed to tread the virtuous paths with divine protection in every Read More...

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Mystic Yantras that are diagrammatic representations of Vedic mantras energize your environment with divine mantras that ward off malefic and usher in health, harmony and prosperity. In this section find finely etched yantras with accurate diagrams that are energized by Rudra Centre so that they can discharge cosmic powers.

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