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Rudra Centre Puja Samagri

Rudra Centre Puja Samagri Rudra Centre brings to you the most premium collection of Puja Samagri and Puja items which are used in various Pujas and Homas . Puja is sacred ritual performed to invoke blessings of divine Deities in form of desire fulfilment, protection, progress and success. Puja sam Read More...

Om The Symbol of Absolute

OM - Not just the most sacred symbol Om is the first sound of the universe; Om is from where everyone and everything came in to being; Om is oneness with the Supreme; Om is Brahman. OM or AUM is the most sacred syllable in Hinduism. In the Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads it is mentioned that Om was th Read More...

Why do we not touch papers books and people with the feet

To Indians, knowledge is sacred and divine. So it must be given respect at all times. Nowadays we separate subjects as sacred and secular. But in ancient India every subject - academic or spiritual - was considered divine and taught by intelligent gurus in the gurukuls. The custom of not stepping on Read More...

Satsang The Company of Truth

Satsang is the company of a good person.  'Sat'  stands for godliness,  'sang'  for company. Sat sang means the company of Sat (Truth). Though sitting at the feet of an 'enlightened person' is a great satsang, the best satsang is abiding in the Atman, which is Sat-chit-ananda. Company of Read More...

Respect and Reverence

RESPECT FOR ELDERS:  Respect for elders is a keystone of Hindu culture. This genuine acknowledgement of seniors is demonstrated through endearing customs, such as sitting to the left of elders, bringing gifts on special occasions, not sitting while they are standing, not speaking excessively, not Read More...


Purity and its opposite, pollution, are vitally important in Hindu culture. While they imply a strong sense of physical cleanliness, their significance extends to social, ceremonial, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual contamination. Freedom from all forms of contamination is a key to Hindu spi Read More...

Why do we prostrate before parents and elders

Indians prostrate before their parents, elders, teachers and noble souls by touching their feet. The elder in turn bless them by placing their hand on or over their heads. Prostration is customary, when we meet elders and particularly on important occasions like the beginning of a new task, birthday Read More...

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Knowledge Bank
Puja is both the act of worship and the altar or space for the images to be worshipped. A puja is always given a special place in a room and many different sacred items can be kept on the puja and used during worship like Murtis(Statues), Incense, Meditation Oils, Chanting Books or Chalisas, Sacred Items. Every object associated with the ritual of Puja or worship is symbolically significant.

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