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  • It was my first time and it was exciting.

    Thanks for your Puja. It was my first time and it was exciting. After a while I relaxed too much listening to your songs. They are hypnotic. So sorry for my proclose
    It was my first time and it was exciting. Ylenia L
  • I feel the spiritual aura of that place

    Hi Ranjeev, I saw the video and I heard a little bit of the chants of the main priest. Sounds so lovely, and he was so fast saying it, with good tune almost likclose
    I feel the spiritual aura of that place Eugene
  • Thanks a million for the brilliant divine experience on Mahashivarathri at Rudra Center

    Thanks a million for inviting me for the Rudra Abhishekam on Mahashivarathri.. It was a divine experience and was transported to divinity every khan and felt trclose
    Thanks a million for the brilliant divine experience on Mahashivarathri at Rudra Center Ganesh Easwer
    Chennai, INDIA
  • The stress release increases exponentially

    When a person wears during Meditation and Puja then the stress release increases exponentially. I agree. Not only during these activities but also when I repeatclose
    The stress release increases exponentially Jorge Loureno

Copper Vessel

Copper Vessel- Benefits of Drinking Copper Water, Healing, Spiritual and Metaphysical Qualities --> One of the purest metals is Copper and that is why vessels made from this metal are used in puja and other rituals. Just as it has spiritual and metaphysical properties, it is also said to have great Read More...

Bhasma / Vibhuti / Ash

Top What is Vibhuti / Bhasma It is a common sight in India to see people wearing three horizontal stripes/bands of ash on the forehead, yogis, sadhaks of Lord Shiva are seen with ash smeared all over their forehead and sometimes all over the body. This is no mere ash, it is Vib huti (Vibhooti) or th Read More...

Tilak – Ancient Practice and Significance

Why Do People Apply Tilak on Forehead? In our beautiful motherland India, one of the most noticeable and prominent external symbols in Hindu culture, is the mark known as “Tilak”. It is a mark that is applied on the forehead. Tilaks are of different designs, colour and ingredients. They symboliz Read More...

What is a Temple Bell, What does it Symbolize & It's Uses

Significance of ringing a bell in puja ritual Every ritual and tradition of Hindu culture has a deep meaning to it. The article and things used during the puja ritual play a pivotal role in healing the body, mind and soul. During your visit to temples and puja ceremonies you must have witnessed ring Read More...

What is Shankh, How to Blow & It's Benefits

Significance of blowing Shankh before puja Shankh may appear to be small in size, but it has great healing and vibrational powers. Shankh also known as Shankha or Shankham is derived from the Sanskrit words “Shum” meaning something good and “Kham” which means water. Thus, “Shankam” means Read More...

Significance of half pradakshina around Shivlinga

Significance of half pradakshina around Shivlinga Every Hindu temple is strategically designed and is built where positive energy is available in abundance. The place where the idol of the deity is enthroned is known as the “Garbhagriha” or “Moolasthanam”. The Garbhagriha is located in the c Read More...

The secret behind tying ‘Mauli Thread’

The secret behind tying ‘Mauli Thread’ Let us first understand, what does Mauli mean? The literal meaning of Mauli in Sanskrit is ‘crown’, which means above all. Well, Mauli is a sanctified thread which is also known as ‘ Kalava ’. It is a cotton thread which is spun in a yarn. This thre Read More...

Why do we light oil lamps during prayer ceremony?

Why do we Light a Lamp (Oil Lamp) during Worship? Why Do We Light a Lamp Before a Function? Did you ever think about the significance of Lamp lighting or Oil Lamp lighting during an auspicious event or during Puja? Lighting lamps in Hindu tradition is mandatory. Be it in Temples, at home, in Puja Al Read More...

What is Akshata, Uses & its Importance

What is the significance of Akshata in rituals? The word Akshata has been derived from Sanskrit word ‘Akshat’ which means “whole”. Akshata means whole grain rice. It is usually mixed with Kumkum and other colour powders and then used in puja rituals. In every Hindu puja, Akshata plays an imp Read More...


Aachamanam – A way to purify and refresh the body, mind and soul Every ritual in Hinduism holds a scientific and spiritual significance. The age old traditions of the rich Hindu culture form the pathway for spiritual elevation and self -realization. According to an ancient guru Panini, Samskaras ( Read More...

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Homas and religious rituals aren't just religious activities but scientific methods to set one's existence in harmony with the Cosmic Universe that brims with unlimited powers. For your domestic or professional prosperity, Rudra Centre offers puja services with qualified Brahmins and ceremonial products such as puja ingredients, puja vessels, dhotis etc.

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