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Puja Mandirs

Puja Mandirs Puja Mandirs play a pivotal role in every religion. It is a sacred place where we install the holy idols and photo frames of the respective deities along with the other holy puja articles. It is believed that having an abode for the deities in the house attracts positive energy, keeps t Read More...

Why we have a prayer room in our homes

Most Indian homes have a prayer room or altar. A lamp is lit and the deities are worshipped each day. Other spiritual practices like japa (repetition of the Lord's name), meditation, parayana (reading of the scriptures), prayers, devotional singing etc. are also performed here. Also dedicated worsh Read More...

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Homas and religious rituals aren't just religious activities but scientific methods to set one's existence in harmony with the Cosmic Universe that brims with unlimited powers. For your domestic or professional prosperity, Rudra Centre offers puja services with qualified Brahmins and ceremonial products such as puja ingredients, puja vessels, dhotis etc.

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