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Red Carnelian Stone

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Red Carnelian Gemstones

Red Carnelian Meaning --> The ancient Egyptians compared it to the setting sun, the Red, Orange, Reddish Orange, Reddish Brown, Dark Red Carnelian colors of Carnelian stone is admired by crystal lovers all over the world. The attractive Red Carnelian stone/ gemstone is a variant of the mineral Silic Read More...

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Carnelian Gemstone is a variant of the mineral silica (quartz), the basic constituent of sand (Si02). The presence of iron oxide gives its characteristic red colour. The stone has been used to make everything from weapons from jewellery since ancient times, as far back as the Bronze and Stone Ages. Sumerians, Egyptians and even the early Greeks and Romans were huge fans of this particular mineral. The colour of the carnelian is typically yellowish-red...Read more