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Shiva Yantra for Peace, Health, Spirituality

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How Does Shiva Yantra Benefit You? | Neeta Singhal

Why Lord Shiva has Three Eyes

Why Lord Shiva has Three Eyes In many traditions or cultures across the world, the significance of Third Eye has been stressed. For instance in Taoism (one of the Chinese traditions), the master trains the students to close the eyes and focus on the point stationed between the eyebrows. This method Read More...

Why Does Lord Shiva like / Wear Snakes?

Why Does Lord Shiva like / Wear Snakes? Snakes or serpents have been the inseparable parts of various mythologies on Earth. They are described in the ancient and medieval scriptures. Lord Shiva has a snake as garland around His neck. He is Vasuki, who controls and guides other serpents as mentioned Read More...

Why Does Lord Shiva like Bilva Patra?

Why Does Lord Shiva like Bilva Patra? If you inquire about the Vedic philosophy behind ritualistic offerings to the gods, the known reason would be that a particular offering is dear to a deity or a particular item offered to the concerned deity is auspicious. Everything original found in nature is Read More...

Lord Shiva and Vasuki Story

About Lord Shiva Lord Shiva , the Supreme and one of the prime deities in Hinduism is often depicted as a blue skinned deity sitting in a meditative pose Being the Supreme power, Lord Shiva is known for His patience, wit, anger, giving and forgiving nature. All the various shades of the Lord and eve Read More...

How was Lord Shiva Born?

The birth of Shiva forms an interesting topic for discussion. There are many legends and opinions about how Lord Shiva was born, why He is called the Greatest Yogi, how He lives with His own self, completely detached from domestic and material affairs yet He is regarded as an ideal husband. It is sa Read More...

How Lord Shiva Killed Jalandhar Demon

How Lord Shiva Killed Jalandhar The story of Lord Shiva killing Jalandhar is so captivating that anyone who reads or hears from a self-realized devotee of Vishnu or Shiva, he at once becomes spiritually nourished. All of his past karmas gradually dwindle, making him humble. The legend of Shiva slayi Read More...

Why Shiva Is Called Mahadeva

Why Shiva is called Mahadev Lord Shiva in His absolute form is the basic element of all energies of the cosmos. He is known by many names such as Mahesh, Shankara, Rudra, Devendra, Trilokinatha, Trilochana, Hara and others. If there’s any name that stands right after His original name ( Shiva ), i Read More...

Why Shiva is called Destroyer

Why Shiva is called Destroyer In the Vedic scriptures, the Trinity have their particular attributes; Lord Brahma for Creation, Lord Vishnu for Maintenance and Lord Shiva for Destruction. At the end of every Yuga, there’s a great annihilation that occurs through the various energies emanating from Read More...

Why does Lord Shiva have Moon on His head

Why does Lord Shiva have Moon on His head? The crescent Moon on Lord Shiva’s head adorns His overall spiritual personality. Every item possessed by Him has significance. There are many legends in the Vedic literatures regarding the objects possessed by the Trinity and other gods. After marrying tw Read More...

Why does Shiva have Trishul

Why does Shiva have Trishul (Trident)? Every Vedic deity is believed to possess powerful weapons. Even in the Greek mythology, gods have their weapons against their enemies. Even the Asuras (demons) have their weapons. One may have a question as to why to have weapons if the enemies have them as wel Read More...

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Mystic Yantras that are diagrammatic representations of Vedic mantras energize your environment with divine mantras that ward off malefic and usher in health, harmony and prosperity. In this section find finely etched yantras with accurate diagrams that are energized by Rudra Centre so that they can discharge cosmic powers.

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