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Success & Abundance

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  • I felt a subtle vibration in my body as well as a cooling sensation

    I recently ordered the Kalpvriksha bracelet as per the recommendation of Neetaji. I am so very impressed with the speedy arrival of the package, the quality, beclose
    I felt a subtle vibration in my body as well as a cooling sensation Anonymous
  • Business has expanded locally

    Namaste Neetaji, Thanks. The power bracelets are really working well. Business has expanded locally and internationally at the same time. I feel energetic, healclose
    Business has expanded locally Joyce, Australia
  • You sell Happiness as a business product

    I have all the rudraksha from 1 mukhi to 18 mukhi (mix of nepal and java) from you and they work miraculously when it comes to physical healing and self empowerclose
    You sell Happiness as a business product Pritish Nadkarni, Mumbai

Responsible Attitude Attracts Success | Neeta Singhal

Goddess Mahalaxmi

Mahalaxmi - The Goddess of Wealth & Fortune Goddess Mahalaxmi Goddess Laxmi , also known as Mahalaxmi or Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth, good fortune, prosperity, fertility and auspiciousness. Goddess Mahalaxmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu; legends go that Goddess Laxmi emerged from the ocean dur Read More...

Making Shree Lakshmi as a partner in your prosperity

This form of worship is as taught by Sri Harish Johari author of several books on Astro gemology, ayurvedic cooking etc. He is a well-known Tantrik and good friend of mine. This is as taught by him, practiced by me and several hundreds or even thousands of people in US and outside India and always p Read More...

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It is said that money has a way of coming and going. All of us wonder how to attract wealth. Also, when you achieve a level of wealth and success, your goals and dreams have a way of growing. We always pray Goddess Lakshmi and Kubera to bless all of us with wealth, success and love, prosperity and abundance. We keep Shree Yantra or Kuber Yantra for wealth and prosperity or we keep Yantras for success in business, job and love. We also seek wealth and success through pyramids, God idols or God statues and chanting mantras. Read More...