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Turquoise Stone

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Turquoise: Gemstone with Healing Properties

WHAT IS TURQUOISE GEMSTONE (FEROZA)? The charming Turquoise is a naturally occurring Gemstone , a gift from Mother Earth. Turquoise gemstone has been popular, since ages, as it makes attractive jewellery. The name Turquoise is taken from French, 'Pierre Turquoise' translating to 'Turkish stone' Read More...

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The Turquoise is a naturally available Gemstone (not to be confused with the colour turquoise). It's composed of a copper-aluminium hydrous phosphate, and derives its name from the word 'Turkish', because Turkish traders were one of the first to introduce the stone to other parts of the world. Iran is still one of the biggest producers of Turquoise Gems. The gem is known for its unique bluish green colour, and even the colour Turquoise derives its name from the Gemstone...Read more