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Vedic Mantras and Chants

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Bhairavi Mantra

Bhairavi Mantra Goddess Bhairavi Devi Bhairavi is also known as Tripura Bhairavi or Kala Bhairavi who is the divine consort of Lord Bhairava, the fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva. ‘Bhairavi’ means the one who is terror personified or the one who creates terror in her enemies. She is the fifth Read More...

Guru Gorakh Mantra - Rudraksha Ratna

Gorakhnath Mantra in Hindi, English & Sanskrit Maro ve jogi maro,Marana hai mitha | Tisa marani maro jisa, Marani gorakha mari ditha || O Yogi die; die to the world(being absorbed in the yogic state of deep trance). Such death is sweet. Die in the manner of Goraksa who died (to the world) and then s Read More...

Bija Mantra

Meaning of Beej (Bija) Mantra Mantras are sacred words, the syllable used since the ancient Vedic era, which is in Sanskrit and is used to invoke, praise Gods, Goddesses and Planets. It is said that the Sanskrit language has a close association with the fifty primeval sounds and therefore are telepa Read More...

Dasmahavidya Mantra Jap - Kamala

Kamala Mantra Dus Mahavidya Maa Kamala The heavenly divine tenth Mahavidya. She symbolizes purity & great wisdom. Maa Kamala as the name suggests is seated on the auspicious and pure Lotus. No matter how much it is surrounded by the aquatic mud, it still remains as pure as it is born. Maa Kamala is Read More...

Dasmahavidya Mantra Jap - Matangi

Matangi Mantra Dus Mahavidya Maa Matangi Goddess Matangi is one of the Mahavidyas or ten Tantric goddesses. She is a ferocious aspect of the Divine Mother Durga. She is said to be the Tantric form of Saraswati who is the goddess of art, music and learning. She governs speech, knowledge, music and th Read More...

Tara Mantra

Taara Mantra Dus Mahavidya Maa Taara In the group of the Mahavidyas, Maa Tara comes next to Kali. Maa Tara closely resembles Kali in appearance. And just as Maa Kaali, Tara too displays gentle yet fierce aspects. Maa Tara is said to be more approachable to the devotees because of her maternal instin Read More...

Mahakali Mantra

Kaali Mantra Dus Mahavidya Maa Kaali Not only the primary but Maa Kaali is the most important of the Mahavidyas. Maa Kaali is the epitome of all the Mahavidyas. All the nine Mahavidyas emanate from Kaali and share her virtues and powers in varying shades. Maa Kali is the symbol of dissolution and de Read More...

Dus Mahavidyas

The Dus Mahavidyas The Dus Mahavidyas are the ten Wisdom Goddesses. The Literal meaning of Dus Mahavidya is 'Das' means ten, 'Maha' means great and 'vidya' means wisdom or knowledge. These ten transcendental forms of Goddess Parvati, the Adi Parashakti. The other perspective is that these are Read More...

Mantra Siddhi

According to the Tantric texts, to attain Mantra Siddhi you have to: Repeat the Mantra a specified number of times. Normally the number of letters in the Mantra is multiplied by a lakh (100,000). Another way we can put it is 100 rounds of a mala (of 108 beads) per letter. In performing the practice Read More...

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