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21 Modaks in pure silver


AUD 171


This amazing set of adjoined 21 Modaks(sweet) beautifully crafted in pure silver is surely a must buy puja essential. As it is made of pure silver metal, it can be used in place of modak or sweet offering. Beautifully designed and arranged modaks with polished finish make a suitable addition to your puja altar during festive seasons and grand puja occasions. Modak is a sweet offering which is especially offered to Lord Ganesha. It signifies the bliss of attaining knowledge. It is first eaten by the tip and then by the base, similarly the process of obtaining knowledge starts with small measure and eventually goes further into depts.

Pure silver makes an ideal choice for puja items as it is considered very sacred and the same sweet offering can be offered in puja daily.

Height: 1.6 inches
Width: 1.9 inches
Weight: approx. 50 gms