5 Eyed Coconut


INR 21,000


A coconut with five eyes separated by natural 5 ribs is very rare to find. Considered to be very auspicious, it is kept in home or office for blessings of good health and for pacifying malefic of all astrological planets. Wrapping it in red cloth and placing it puja altar or hanging it near the entrance door of home helps brings the blessings of the panchbhoota at home.

The Panch Mahabhoot are :-
1. Prithvi i.e. Earth is represented by Devi Bhagawati.
2. Aap i.e. Water is represented by Ganapati.
3. Tej i.e. Light is represented by Sun.
4. Vayu i.e. Air is represented by Rudra or Shiva.
5. Akash i.e. Sky is represented by Vishnu.

It can be also kept in locker or cash box to promote the inflow of wealth. Being one of the most auspicious puja items in Tantra, it is also used in Tantra Sadhana.

Place it on a Friday after energizing it with powerful mantra. Chant mantra “Om Shreem Shriye Namah” daily to enhance the power of the coconut.

Weight: approx. 170 gms