Agni Tatva Wind Chime - II


INR 1,800


Agni Tatva Wind Chime is made using various energy items such as Yellow Cowry Shells, Yellow Jade gemstones, Citrine faceted gemstones, Citrine raw gemstones hanging and 3 mukhi Java Rudraksha bead. The wind chime has silver colored 8 pipes & 3 round metal rings with OM painted on wooden pieces enhancing the beauty of this chime. The energy items in this Wind Chime clear negative energies and energy blockages in the Fire element and attracts auspiciousness, health and good fortune. The Agni Tatva Wind Chime attracts waves of power, strength, name, fame and success and also adds to the decor of the home.

3 Mukhi Java: 12 mm (1 Bead)
3 Mukhi Java Small: 8 mm (12 Beads)
Yellow Citirine Faceted: 8 mm (16 Beads)
Yellow Cowrie: 12 mm to 15 mm (1 Bead)
Yellow Citrine Rock: 23 mm (1 Bead)
Yellow Jade Round Lokcet: 25 mm (1 Bead)
Length: 20 inches