Aishwarya Durga Kavach


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Origin: Nepal

Configuration: 7 mukhi Rudraksha, 9 mukhi Rudraksha and Kavach

This Power Kavach is designed to bring prosperity and good luck to the wearer.

The Kavach bracelet is made of 7 mukhi Rudraksha and 9 mukhi Rudraksha and the kavach is made out of Powerful Items like Black chirmi beads, White Chirmi beads, Black Turmeric and Kamakhya Sindoor. These things are naturally help in protection, acquiring wealth and fulfilling desires. The Kavach pendant is energised (Pran Pratishta done) by learned Natha Gurumukhi, by reciting the Vedic/Shabar mantra of the particular Devi or Deva along with the Homa done. 7 mukhi Rudraksha represents Goddess Mahalaxmi. Good health and wealth is blessed to him who wear Seven Faced Rudraksha. 9 mukhi is ruled by Goddess Durga. Wearing this Rudraksha gives luck and power to the wearer.

For: Prosperity and good luck.

Design: Made in pure sterling silver with platinum rhodium plating for long lasting silver finish.

Bead size: Rudraksha are available in many sizes and grouped in regular, small and large sizes. For Nepal variety, N denotes regular size, NS small and NL is large size. In terms of long term effect, there is not much difference. In short term, larger sizes seem to work faster due to large surface area. Choice of size selection depends on the personal choice of the wearer.