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Apamarga Vibhuti


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Apamarga is commonly called prickly chaff flower and is found growing in tropical countries. It is associated with Buddh Graha or Planet Mercury. Apamarga Vibuti is widely used in Puja and Homas related to Buddh Dev. Vibhuti means glory as it gives glory to one who applies it and raksha (protection) as it protects the wearer from ill health and evil, by purifying him or her. Vibhuti or Bhasma are specially associated with Lord Shiva, and it is applied all over his idol / lingam. Apamarga Vibuti appeases Planet Budh/Budh Dev. For natives who have unfavorably placed Mercury/Buddh in their Birth chart/Kundli, they can offer Apamarga Vibhuti to Planet Budh to get respite from the malefic effects and to strengthen the positive powers of the Planet.

How is Apamarga Vibhuti Made?

Apamarga Vibhuti is made in-house by Rudra Centre Puja Services by performing Planetary Homa of Planet Budh or Mercury with Apamarga sticks in Havan. The ash from the Buddh Havan is collected and powdered to make Apamarga Vibhuti. Other prescribed Vedic rituals of Tarpan, Marjan and more are also performed during the course of making the Apamarga Vibhuti.

Benefits of Apamarga Vibhuti

  • Apamarga Vibhuti is highly powerful in pacifying the malefic effects of Planet Mercury
  • Usage of Apamarga Vibhuti to worship Buddh Dev bestows excellent communication skills, creativity, intelligence, logic, memory, wit, and knowledge
  • Worshipping Planet Buddh with Apamarga Vibhuti and chanting His Mantra brings success in profession, enhances speculation and decision making skills
  • Applying the Vibhuti Tilak is believed to purify mind, body, soul and protects the individual
  • How to Use Apamarga Vibhuti

    Apamarga Vibhuti is offered to Planet Buddh (Mercury) image/idol/Yantra as Tilak or can be mixed with water to use for Abhishek of the Deity idol and of Shivlinga. It can be worn as Tilak by those who have weak placement of Budh or for those who want to enhance its power. Chant the Buddh Mantra while offering the Apamarga Vibhuti or applying it as Tilak on your forehead.

    Where to Apply Apamarga Vibhuti

    Apamarga Vibhuti may be applied on forehead, neck, chest, arms, stomach, elbow, and wrists. For Puja purposes it is applied as a tilak on Planet Buddh (Mercury) image, idol or Yantra.

    Mantras Related to Apamarga Vibhuti - Buddh Mantra:Om Bum Budhaaya Namaha ||