Baglamukhi Devi Brass Idol


INR 7,950


Baglamukhi Devi is the eighth Mahavidya (great wisdom) in the series of the 10 Mahavidyas, which is a group of ten Tantrik deities in Hinduism.

This elegant Baglamukhi statue is made of brass and depicts the Goddess with two hands with one holding a cudgel and the left hand holding the tongue of a demon who is kneeling down. One leg of Baglamukhi Devi is seen half folded and the other down on side, hanging in the air. The postures of her legs in this statue shows Her fierceness in the action. The Goddess is bedecked in ornaments.

Goddess Baglamukhi is worshipped for power, victory over enemies, protection for cuts, scars, operations and accidents, in obtaining favourable results in law-suits and competitions, as well as resolving quarrels/conflicts to the worshipper's advantage. This Adishakti is said to ward off evil persons, spirits and Yakshani. As per Hindu mythology, Baglamukhi Maa pegs the tongue of enemies thereby putting end to vile talk or gossips. She is also called Sthambini Devi as she can stun and paralyze the speech of a person.

The ultimate benefit of worshipping Baglamukhi clears the illusions and confusions of the devotees and gives them a clear path to proceed in life. Regular Japa of the Bagalamukhi Mantra is said to paralyse the ego and actions of a person who tries to harm the worshipper. She can in this sense be considered as a terrible or Bhairavi form of Matrika Devi, the mother of all speech.

This brass Baglamukhi statue can be kept at home to invite all the attributes of the Devi.

Height: 7 inches
Base Dimension: 5 (L) x 4.5 (B) inches
Weight : 2.50 kgs