Bal Krishna Shaligram Murti - I


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This divine idol of Bal Krishna is deftly crafted from a single Shaligram Shila and is an auspicious addition to your Puja alter. The Shaligram shila is considered a sacred stone as it represents Lord Vishnu and is ardently worshipped by devotees, especially by the Vaishnava sect. Bal Krishna is the infant form of Lord Krishna, who is the eighth Avatar of Lord Vishnu. In this idol, portrays Bal Krishna crawling on the floor, holding up a Ladoo (sweet) in His right palm while resting His left palm on ground. The face of Bal Krishna is carved with beautiful eyes and facial features, and His hair is tied up on top of His head in a small bun. The innocence on His face is vivid and this Bal Krishna Shaligram murti is adorable. Keeping a Bal Krishna or Laddu Gopal at home is akin to having a real baby at home. His idol is worshipped for blessings of offspring by couples who are facing challenges in conceiving a child and for safe pregnancy and childbirth of expectant mothers. Bal Krishna blesses with happiness, joy, healthy children and fulfils wishes of devotees. The sacred Shaligram shila corrects Vastu Dosha and keeps the dwelling shielded with its high vibration frequency.

The Shaligram shila is collected from Kali Gandaki river in Nepal. This powerful stone can be worshipped without the doing the ritual of Pranprathista (consecration) and the Shaligram does not lose its power even if it breaks or cracks. The worship of Shaligram focuses on six virtues of life which includes creation of wealth, good health, worldly and spiritual pleasures, spiritual progress, protection and righteous living. Worshipping Lord Vishnu/ Krishna sincerely paves the path to Moksha.

Regular worship of Shaligram shila is done by performing the sacred bathing, Abhishek, with water and Tulsi leaves and a mixture of Cow Milk(without boiling), Curd, Ghee, Honey, Sugar.

Height: 3.9 inches
Base Dimension: 5.4 (L) x 2.5 (W) inches
Weight: 454 gms