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Banana leaves are considered sacred and auspicious. Banana leaves are extensively used during Puja(worship), marriage and other religious ceremonies. Banana leaves are also used to serve food during various ceremonies and eating food on banana leaves is considered healthy and hygienic which are some uses of the Banana leaves. It is believed that the banana tree is very dear to Lord Ganesha. Every part of Banana tree is useful be it the fruit, flower, leaves or stem and used by us in everyday life, which makes this common tree, a unique gift from nature. The Banana leaf prices vary on the number of leaves in a set.

Since ancient times uses of Banana leaves has been done in multiple ways, and very often when Banana leaves are needed we always wonder where and how to find Banana leaf near me. However, now you can buy banana leaves easily by searching for Banana leaf online. For fresh Banana leaves for sale near meyou can order with Rudra Centre. We have been catering to the needs of our esteemed customers both in India and in other countries who order Banana leaves online repeatedly because of the fresh green Banana leaves they receive that make them feel they have bought it from Banana leaf shop near me. The fresh Banana leaves online we deliver are acquired from selected Banana leaves suppliers, which are then packed carefully to ensure that they remain fresh on delivery. Banana leaf prices when you buy Banana leaves from Rudra Centre are reasonable.

Buy banana leaves online if you are planning to treat guests to a traditional Indian meal which is a popular uses of Banana leaves. The Banana leaf benefits include health benefits of Banana leaves, like, having food on Banana leaf reduces inflammation, purifies blood, natural antioxidants present in the Banana leaves are equivalent to those present in Green Tea and helps to prevent diseases. Health benefits of Banana leaves include helping to digest the food easily due to chemical reaction between the leaf and food served on it, anti-bacterial properties of the Banana leaves kills germs present in the food and many such Banana leaf benefits. Different parts of India have the tradition of cooking certain dishes wrapped in Banana leaf which infuses the flavour and aroma of Banana leaf in the food along with the health benefits of Banana leaves.

The importance of Banana leaf in Hinduism of Banana leaf for pooja rituals and auspicious ceremonies features prominently in uses of Banana leaves. Mythology says that Rishi Durvasa had cursed His wife to turn into a Banana tree. Later His wife requested Him that she should be treated as a holy and sacred plant. Rishi Durvasha granted her wish and it is believed that since that time Banana leaf for pooja is an importance of Banana leaf and is considered auspicious. Lord Ganapati is offered Banana fruit and leaves as He is said to be fond of them and Banana leaf for pooja is also used for Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. The Banana leaf is used to offer Naivedyam, distribute Prasadam, eat 'bhog' or food in wedding ceremonies. Banana leaf is the most eco-friendly way of serving/eating food which is a significant Banana leaf benefit. It is a natural plate which has health benefits of Banana leaves and after eating it can be disposed off, so the task of dishwashing is not there.

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