Black Crystal Gemstone Rock


INR 13,725.00


This natural gemstone rock with a pure marble base promotes cleansing energies. It also makes a thoughtful gift for someone you love. The serene Crystal gemstone rock with crystalline structure comes in glistening black color.

Natural Crystal gemstone rock with crystalline texture radiates positive and stimulating energies. Popular for their alluring and radiant appearances, Crystal rocks help cleanse the aura and enhance creativity, clarity, balance and harmony. The grounding energies of crystal also help balance your emotions, cure diseases and improves your health and self-confidence

Placement: Place it in South-West direction of your dwelling for protection, stability and support.

Dimension of the Rock: 5" (H) x 4" (L) x 2.5" (W)
Dimension of the base: 1.25" (H) x 6" (L) x 4.75" (W)
Total of the set: 5.5 inches
Weight of the set: 1.75 Kgs


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