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Collector 2 to 14 mukhi - Set of 13 Rudrakshas Beads - I


INR 3,94,225


The Collector Set is a collection of large collector beads from 2 mukhi to 14 mukhi Rudraksha beads. Maybe used for preparing Siddh mala or kept in puja altar for worship of the divine energies. The high quality collector beads 2 mukhi-14 mukhi are handpicked for their size, quality, clarity and energy and their properties are as follows:

• 2 Mukhi: For emotional balance, unity and harmony
• 3 Mukhi: For burning of past karma and releasing of stress
• 4 Mukhi: For knowledge and communication
• 5 Mukhi: For realization of higher self, intellect and enhanced awareness
• 6 Mukhi: For virtues of willpower, courage, perfection, grounding and focus
• 7 Mukhi: For wealth and new opportunities
• 8 Mukhi: For removal of obstacles and success in undertakings
• 9 Mukhi: For self power, materialistic benefits, spiritual awakening
• 10 Mukhi: For peace, protection, pacifying malefic of planets
• 11 Mukhi: For Wisdom and self-confidence and as an aid to meditation
• 12 Mukhi: For self power, release of stress, anger and for good health
• 13 Mukhi: For enhancing charisma and attraction
• 14 Mukhi: For enhanced willpower, balance of mind, strength and courage