Collector 2 to 21 mukhi Trijuti and Savar - Set of 22 Rudrakshas Beads


AUD 2,37,957.50


The Divine Set is a very rare collection of large, superior collector beads from 2 mukhi to 21 mukhi along with Trijuti and Savar Rudraksha beads. The Divine set is a grand and prized possession, a family treasure which is to be passed from generation to generation. The benefits of the Divine set spans across generations, it provides riches, pleasures, comforts and all earthly desires, as well leads one on to the path of righteousness and Moksha. Due to rarity of the beads only a few fortune individuals can posses this rare possession. The high quality collector beads (2-21 mukhi, Trijuti and Savar) are handpicked for their size, quality, clarity and energy and their properties are as follows: 

• 2 Mukhi: For emotional balance, unity and harmony 
• 3 Mukhi: For burning of past karma and releasing of stress. 
• 4 Mukhi: For knowledge and communication. 
• 5 Mukhi: For realization of higher self, intellect and enhanced awareness 
• 6 Mukhi: For virtues of willpower, courage, perfection, grounding and focus 
• 7 Mukhi: For wealth and new opportunities 
• 8 Mukhi: For removal of obstacles and success in undertakings. 
• 9 Mukhi: For self power, materialistic benefits, spiritual awakening. 
• 10 Mukhi: For peace, protection, pacifying malefic of planets 
• 11 Mukhi: For Wisdom and self-confidence and as an aid to meditation 
• 12 Mukhi: For self power, release of stress, anger and for good health. 
• 13 Mukhi: For enhancing charisma and attraction. 
• 14 Mukhi: For enhanced willpower, balance of mind, strength and courage 
• 15 Mukhi: For Healing of heart and relationships. Desire fulfillment 
• 16 Mukhi: For curing of diseases, protection, release of fears and insecurities 
• 17 Mukhi: For superior intuition, creative intelligence, power of commanding wealth, magnetism 
• 18 Mukhi: For Immense abundance, Profit from Land, Real Estate and Own Business 
• 19 Mukhi: For immense wealth and success in all spheres 
• 20 Mukhi: For creation of projects 
• 21 Mukhi: For generation of wealth 
• Trijuti: For power, name and fame 
• Savar Rudraksha: For spiritual upliftment