Copper water bottle - II


INR 1,075


Sleek bottle made in premium quality copper with dimple pattern for easy grip is used for storing water and positively charging it. With rubber grip at top it ensures that the water does not spill from the bottle. This bottle is certainly a healthy replacement for ordinary drinking water bottles.

As per Ayurveda, the water stored in copper bottle provides following benefits:

  • Prevents cancer, seizures and regulates and maintains digestive health
  • Helps produces melanin in body and balance all three doshas(Vaat, pith, kafh)
  • Helps inhibit growth of harmful bacteria like e.coli
  • Helps regulate obesity, thyroid glands, bad cholesterol and arthritis

  • Height - 10.10 Inches
    Top Diameter - 2.1 Inches
    Width - 2.8 Inches
    Capacity - 1 litre
    Weight - 230 gms