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Cosmic Union - J


INR 29,850

INR 27,600

INR 30,500

INR 27,800

INR 41,600

INR 11,100


Origin: Java

Configuration: 1 Mukhi, 9 Mukhi

Description: It helps one align and open up to newer dimensions of reality and consciousness by augmented awareness and a deeper understanding of life's truths. It imparts positivity, contentment, completeness and dynamism to drive one towards success.

1 mukhi Rudraksha enhances focus and awareness and aids in spiritual growth.
9 mukhi Rudraksha brings dynamism, fearlessness and materialistic benefits.

Therapeutic benefits: It helps cures migraine, depression, obsessive thinking, dizziness, epilepsy and neurotic disorders.

Average bead size: 12 to 14 mm

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