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Cylindrical Coral Pendant-Earring Set - Design II


INR 1,700


Origin: Italy / Japan

Trendy Earring-Pendent Set made of pure natural Cylindrical beads in pure silver flower caps .

Red Coral strengthens Mars and brings stability in wearer's life by removal of obstacles. It helps in curing blood -related diseases and strengthens bones. Coral ensures material happiness,. Strengthens will power and gives energy to face challenges in life. It is beneficial in deals involving buying and selling of land and properties.

Dimension of Earrings:
Height - 1.6 inches
No. of Beads - 2
Coral Size - 8 mm
Silver used - 2 gms

Dimension of Pendent:
Height - 1.4 inches
No. of Beads - 3
Coral Size - 8 mm
Silver used - 2 gms


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