Dev Darshan - Homage to Gods


INR 295


In Dev Darshan, the exalted virtues perceived in the Divine are celebrated in its manifold avatars or appearances in the form of Shloks (poetic verses) followed by Stotras (devotional lyrics of praise) and ending with Bhajans (chants) in praise of the Deity. We begin, as is appropriate, with Lord Ganesh, followed by Goddess Shakti (Devi), Lords Krishna, Shiv (Shankar), Ram and Vishnu.

  • Ganesh Shlok
  • Ganesh Stotra
  • Pratham Namoh Ganpati
  • Devi Shlok
  • Devi Stotra
  • Jagat Janani
  • Krishna Shlok
  • Krishna Stotra
  • Krishna Govind Gopal
  • Shankar Shlok
  • Shankar Stotra
  • He Shiv Shankar
  • Ram Shlok
  • Ram Stotra
  • Shri Ram Kaho
  • Vishnu Shlok
  • Vishnu Stotra
  • He Vishnu Bhagwan