Divine Chants of Ram - Jai Siyaram


INR 295


Jai Siyaram, the divine chants of Lord Ram. This chants packed with divinity have been compiled that entrance the devotees to experience the ethereal, the supreme embodiment of the ideal Man - Ram. That these traditional musical compositions are rendered in varied moods or raags, at once, enhance and exhilarate the soul in pursuit of the eternal Lord.

World-renowned singers Hariharan, Anup Jalota, Devaki Pandit, Ashit Desai and Hema Desai help enhance this truly sublime experience.

  • Ram Shlok
  • Shri Ram Jai Ram
  • Jai Raghunandan Jai Siyaram
  • Shri Ram Jai Ram
  • Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho
  • Jin Ram Na Jaana Kya Jaana
  • Raghukul Bhushan Raja Ram
  • Shri Ram Ram Ram
  • Shri Ram Chandra Krupalu Bhajman
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